17 years old with bladder cancer

im new on this site and reading all the stories, i have to say theres a lot of people out there living with the same thing i am. at first when i found out that i had this cancer i wasnt scared i wasnt really anything. i think i was more upset that i had to miss work so much i had a new car and no way to pay the payments or anything really. but thats when my community came in to help they did fund raisers for me, my work payed my car off. i mean they help me in a way no one has or ever will. but anyway no i really didnt have any feelings about it. i got kinda worried after i had surgery and they just scraped the tumor. and then my doc told me it was very agressive. thats when it bothered me he told me that i was going to have to have my bladder taken out i thought lord im only 17 i found myself asking my self out of all the bad people in this world im the one who has to go though this. im so young i really didnt know what to do. my parents cryed my girlfriend and my friends it was so embarssing i just wanted everyone to leave me alone. i dont think at first i comprehended the whole cancer term. i go to have my bladder taken out and and a neo bladder made. i got scared the night before my surgery. i just wanted to run away lol. but after the surgery and after recovery. i will be speaking at our relay for life coming very soon im kinda scared about that. today i thank god everyday for the day. this has changed me in a mighty way. i look at life a very diff. way i take the time to look at the stars at night and not just about jumpin in the car and goin with my friends i charish every second. well i think thats enough out of me well i hope this helps someone out there. thanks for taking the time to read this

cody17 Author