21 M with Bladder Cancer

Hello I am 21 years old. Nov 2007, after I urinated blood on and off for 10 months, I learned that I had bladder cancer. After serving 2 tours in Iraq and having no family history of bladder cancer it's been frustrating that the military, VA, and civilian doctors can not determine how I contracted the cancer or how to treat the symtoms after surgery. My first surgery December 2nd I had a turbt,and a single treatment of mytomycin for one hour. Since that time I have had 5 more surgeries due to multiple complications that are an enigma to my doctors. Since the first surgery I have had severe pain while I urinate, numerous infections, blood in the urine and small to medium size clots of blood on and off. The last 5 surgeries that I've had since the first one have included what doctors seem to think is WHITE CALCIFICATIONS embeded on my bladder wall. Every doctor/urologist has not been able to explain why these calcifications grow within the tissue of the bladder wall, instead of free flowing through the urine. All biopsies that have been performed, even those taken two weeks ago, come back negative for any type of deformality. I have taken numerous anti-biotics and differnt types of medicine. This case has been introduced to over 30 urologist who all have mixed opinions, but no true answers. Some say it could be due to severe inflamation, parasites in the water in Iraq, bad reaction to the mytomycin, or even being infected with TB in the bladder from the chemo One of my urologists has suggested I go see an Infectious Disease specialists. At this point, I am starting to search for answers on my own. Anyone knowledgeable on this issue or willing to research my case is welcomed by me to voice opinions. I appreciate any insight. Thank you for your time.

Michael Scott Author