5 years treating for overactive bladder; and t

AUGUST 2, 2006

Wanted to let everyone (or anyone?? reading this) that I completed about 12 sessions of chemotherapy the end of April 2006 – I was scheduled for bladder and prostate removal on June 26, 2006. But I was told by the surgeon that he would do the removal ONLY IF he saw an improvement – if things looked the same he would not go forward with the removal; if the cancer had actually spread, he of course would not go forward with the removal and radiation and more chemo would be scheduled.

I am happy to say I had the best outcome so far – there were lots of dead lymph nodes from the chemo treatment and the surgery took 8 hours instead of 6 – I was in the hospital for 14 days afterwards; but I am home now and recovering.

I am getting used to the ostomy appliance – and the doctors are very pleased – however, I am not out of the woods yet – they say the next two years will be important and hopefully nothing will pop up some place else.

I'll keep you informed.

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