About WebCafé Blogs

Navigating through Member Blogs;

Member Blogs are lised from new to old; the blog that was posted last will be listed on top.
Clicking on a blog title brings you to the article’s full page.
Clicking on an author name shows all posts from the author, with the latest post on top.
Alternatively, you can search through our blogs, or find blogs through the tags that the author has assigned.

Storyboard Contributors – new format, blogging;

If you have posted your story on either WebCafé or its online forum, your story has been converted to a blog. You should have received an email from us with new account information to access your blog. If not, please let us know .

Please check the tags that are associated with your posts. Tags are key words used in blogging that indicate what your post is about. Tags make it easier for readers to find blogs relevant to them.
Since your old posts did not contain tags we have assigned them automatically by searching your posts for certain words. This conversion was not perfect and we’d appreciate it if you review the tags that have been assigned by us.

New Contributors;

We invite you to share your experiences by starting your own blog. You can best view a blog as your bladder cancer diary. Once you’ve set up your blog you can add entries any time you want. Your entries will be listed from new to old (your latest update is shown on top).

Readers can post comments or questions to your entries. These will show up under your blog, and can be accessed from your dashboard under Comments.

Before you can start blogging you have to create an account. Once logged in to the website you will see your personal menu on the left side of the screen. Select My Blog Dashboard to enter your own blog.

Start out by going to Preferences and enter a short description about you and your story.
You can Write a New Enty through My Entries.
Be sure to attach the proper tags to each post you make. Tags make it easier for readers to find blogs relevant to them.

Click here for an example of our blog editor

If you assign the right tags to your blog posts, you make it easier for readers to find blogs that are of interest to them.
Assigning tags will help you get in touch with your peers.