An Update

Has been some time since I posted on my progress so here goes.

 Had a second TURBT on December 14, 2010 which resulted in negative for cancer regrowth.  Began a 6 week BCG Treatment regiment in January 2011 during which I continued with a full work schedule and attempted to exercise as much as possible.  I did have fatigue and headaches during the first 48 hours after each treatment and my motivation level was lower.  Otherwise I felt OK (not great).  Was not until a week to ten days after the last treatment that I realized how much the treatments did affect my overall physical (and mental) health.  I was, at best, 80% of my typical stature.  Had a third TURBT yesterday (April 7, 2011) and no visible signs of regrowth and no biopsy required.  Will start a maintenance program of BCG Treatments within the next couple of weeks.

 While this is certainly a physical journey, it is also most definitely a mental journey.  Not to say that my positive (good) results are attributed to a mostly (had a few bad moments) positive attitude, but a positive outlook certainly helps get me through each day.  Without it, I could see myself going  cuckoo over this!

Tony Author