another surgery – “elective” ??

well, i went for another opinion on my neo bladder which has left me totally incontinent since last July.  went to another doc at the same facility.  now   i'm scheduled for surgery to "convert" the neo to an internal pouch.  my current problem is that the doc is calling it "elective".  aside from all the surgical "issues" (mending all over again, etc),  i am concerned the insurance will not appreciate an elective surgery.  i understand they don't want to document a mistake, and, doc doesn't believe it will be a problem as it's not cosmetic.  i suggested we call it a "repair".  i do not want to mess with Medicare, plus Blue Cross. no energy right now. but not sure if i should pursue a pre-authorization, or if i'm being paranoid.  or, suggest something else to the doc.

Sidra Author