Number Four Brought Cramps And Chills

Treatment #4 went ok last week. The doctor says they will get worse but I really have not had real problems. Usually the day after I am sore in the abdomen and get worn out by days end. the next day is better. I get a case of the chills one or two evenings after […]

Third BCG Under My Belt (Slight pun intended)

I had treatment number three yesterday. After holding my water for two plus hours, I voided and for the first time noticed some blood. There was a bit of blood each time I went until this morning. I went to work and had my doubts about staying all day. I felt like Chuck Norris had […]

Second BCG Down

I had my second BCG treatment this past Wednesday. The doctor said the chills I experienced a couple different times were most likely due to the BCG. I have not had any chills this time but some very slight nauseau. Who knows why? I am still very tired and get winded with the least exertion. […]

First BCG Today

I did have the first BCG Treatment today. It went okay. I had forgotten how much fun it is to have a catheter inserted. My bladder is just starting to feel a little sore. As though I had been punched in the gut. I will be back to work tomorrow. I hope there are no […]

First BCG Treatment

I am 54 years old and my name is Earl (Big Earl). I have been cancer free for eight years but it is trying to make a comeback. I will be having my first BCG treatment tomorrow morning. I had six weeks of Doxorubicin eight years ago and we decided since then that if/when it […]