In Remission

Had my second RBT and am cancer free. Will be starting 6month, 3 week BCG  treatments in June.  Dr will do cystoscopy before the 1st treatment to make sure nothing coming back. My new doctor is very thourough which really helps give me confidence that he will be able to keep this under control. I […]

6th Treatment done !!

Had my 6 BCG treatment yesterday. Went well.  Some blood, some pain when urinating. Pain is less this morning but urgency is still there. Drinking lots of water to flush the system. Pat if you are there: My doctor is leaving area in 3 weeks and new Urologist won't he here until June so he […]

5th Treatment,

Had 5th BCG.   In my  6 hour, bleech in toilet, time frame.  Again there is blood on tissue each time I urinate. Has anyone had this problem?? Is this something that happens??  I had this last time and the doctor said probably slight cath trauma.  With BCG being what it is, isn't cath trauma during the treatment […]

5th Treament canceled

Well my 5th treatment had to be cancelled due to an infection detected when they did the urine test. Am on an anti-biotic but still not feeling good.  I had not been feeling good since my 4th treatment but assumed it was just side effects. I was very disappointed as I am looking forward to getting […]

4th BCG

Hello, Have my 5th BCG tomarrow.  Treatments have gotten a little more difficult in some ways.  I have been feeling ill, 3rd treatment about day and a half, flu like symptoms but minor pain when urinating. 4th treatment flu symptoms lasted until Saturday and had tinge of blood the first 3 times urinating after treatment […]

Hello -Just update

Hello all, Have had second BCG treatment and got through with no problems what-so-ever.  I am also feeling better than I have felt in months. No pain when urinating, only get up once a night and am not feeling tired. I really am amazed at how good I am feeling, also very grateful. Want to […]

Hello Newly diagnosed

Hello, My name is Carol and I was diagnosed with bladder cancer, early November, had the surgery,  was staged T1 carcinoma in situ, and tomorrow will begin BCG treatment. I have had irritation and urgency since the surgery. The only thing that has helped is drinking lots of water. The meds the doctor gave me […]