an update…..about 15months post turbt/BCG

Been a whole since I updated here.  I'm now 42 (41 when for Turb) and always been a non-smoker.  Had surgery Jan 22, 2009.  Ran through 6 weeks of BCG.Started maintenance BCG in November.  We're going to do that every 6 months (or 3 months after every scope for two years then re-evaluate).  My tumor […]

Latest scope – 10/13/09

No abnormal cells detected.  Doc said everything inside looked good.  We opted to start BCG maintenance in 6 weeks and every 6 months after that till we determine it's not needed.  It's amazing how I've gotten used to the procedure.  Only thing that bothers me now is the injection of the numbing jell.  When the […]

In the midst of so much bad news – I have some good….

Had my 1st scope post-turb and BCG.  Clear.  😉 Still waiting on labs from the wash, but there is no new growth.  Mine was aggressive and good-sized so we weren't too sure about it.  So….3 months and we'll do it again.  Weird thing….it wasn't bad.  Took longer than the initial, but on that one he […]

Wow….is it just me or does it seem like there is a LOT of BC now.

Seems to be this stuff is on the rise.  Also….I see that it doesn't seem to be as much of an 'older person's' or 'smoker's' disease.  BC still doesn't garner much national attention and there are no specific drives for cure, awareness events, or otherwise.  The more I read accounts and new postings….the more I […]

More post BCG stuff. Called the Dr’s office…

So…..last Saturday was 2 1/2 weeks post BCG (all 6 complete).  I really wanted to get the whole place mowed, but hadn't done more than an hour or so on the tractor since before my TURB in January.  My wife did the majority of the push mowing and I only did a little here and […]

Serious question for post-BCG folks…..

Okay, it's been about 12 days since I completed my 6-week BCG treatment cycle.  The scope is scheduled for July.  I'm having intermittent pains in the bladder area.  They started about 4 days ago.  I've only noticed them once or twice a day.  They are not horrible and feel some like the spasms or cramps […]

The END – BCG #6

It wouldn't be complete if I didn't tell the tale of the last BCG.  Office visit was LONG because the doc had been on vacation and everyone wanted to see him.  I told him that is a compliment to him that folks are loyal and patient.  I was the last person to go back….  The […]

BCG # 5. A handful…..sorta

Differnt doc, same practice.  My Dr is on vacation this week with his family so a partner of his did it.  It was clear that though he is familar with the procedure, he isn't as fluid or practiced in it.  To be blunt….he asked if I wanted the gel and then had the end of […]

Why is there no National Bladder cancer week….?

So, we know this cancer can be highly-survivable in most instances if it's detected early enough and quality treatment is followed.  The problem is many folks don't even know it exists.  Many folks ignore or don't get the symptoms checked out.  Some balk at the treatment options.  I don't think this is any less deadly […]