bad news for me- also, can’t get into american bladder cancer page

well, here i am again. have muscle invasive high grade 3/3-which surgery i guess would have been the only way to save me. have copd-severe emphysema , and NOW i find out i have severe aorta stenosis !! i am at a SUPER high risk of not making it thru the surgery. on jan 7, […]

can anyone tell me?

i have high grade 3/3 muscle invasive bladder cancer with other cancer in situ in my bladder , and a lymph coming up in my left groin area. i really would like some very honest answers if anyone knows if i go ahead and have rc surgery- i have read about people having the surgery […]

Don’t know what to do about RC surgery

well i see a cardioligist wednesday . the dr. is seeing if my body can take the length of RC surgery. i have been debating going thru with it now, since the anethesioligist wouldn't put me under last thursday. that was pretty tramatic in itself- 1  1/2 hr prep and IV in place, then get […]

surgery cancelled

I went in to the hospital today for my radical cystectomy,was all prepped, IV placed in my hand, then the anethesia person came in and told me it was too much of a risk to put me under for so long of a surgery without some more testing because of my emphysema. they said they […]

have questions for a recent rc female- my rc surgery is Jan. 7

i don't know what to expect. will i wake up after surgery in a lot of pain or moderate? when will i be able to get up, and how long till i eat? i had a hysterectomy when i was 22- am 54 now, so i don't have to deal with that part of the […]

feeling better about surgery

well, i think i was looking for any excuse not to have surgery when i was feeling sorry for myself. The Dr. called to answer some of my questions, of which, one was- how long do i have without surgery. The answer was 1 year, maybe 18 months. That definitly helped me come to better […]