neo bladder

back from chicago again got my foley cath out so i guess the rest is up to me still doing pretty good now i just gotta get used to controlling my urination urges  been doing the kegal exercises 3 times a day its been helping its just inconvinient with the leaking  so i 've been […]

my new neo bladder

Hello everyone been gone for a while but im back and with a new neo bladder everything went better than expected and im doing very well 14 days post op waiting to get the last two tubes and the staples out on the second of oct everything went extremly well thanks to the staff at […]

thank you all

just wanted to thank everyone for there comments its definetly given me a lot to think about and a lot to look into at least now i won't be going in blind     i would like to give a special thanks to you patricia for all your insight you've been a big shoulder to […]

What surgery to choose

I was diagnosed with bladder cancer in 2007 i had all the tumors removed but no guaranty they would not return my second opinion was a joke so i did nothing i recently went to the cancer treatment centers of America and again was diagnosed with a very aggressive cancer although it is still contained […]