BCG # 5. A handful…..sorta

Differnt doc, same practice.  My Dr is on vacation this week with his family so a partner of his did it.  It was clear that though he is familar with the procedure, he isn't as fluid or practiced in it.  To be blunt….he asked if I wanted the gel and then had the end of the catheter up against the wall of my bladder so the solution didn't go in.  The fix….push more catheter in.  I felt it scraping up against the wall.  A return to bleeding followed.  Yippie.  It's over and that's what I wanted.  One more to go.

Affects…?  It falls somewhere between my #2 and #3 weeks.  Cramping, some REAL urgency and frequency, and some sharp pains that felt a lot like spasms, but weren't exactly as they have been before.  I had chills overnight.  Things are better now, but I do still feel it.  Last week must have just been a freak instance where almost nothing happened.  One more to go next Wednesday and then we'll wait for the scope.

 Hope everyone is doing well and either following treatment or getting regular checkups.


doug gregory Author