BCG – Week 4….not what I’d expected.

So, last week (that'd be #3) sucked big time.  So I expected the same or worse this week.

 Nope.  Catheter was about like week #2 and side effects are (so far) on par with that week as well.  No blood.  Haven't passed much of anything (some light tissue) in over a week.

 My urologist will be off next week for a much-needed vacation with his family (spring break) so a partner of his will take care of this for me next week.  I plan to ask a BUNCH of questions.

 I have no explanation as to why last week was brutal and this week has been almost nothing.

I AM tired.  My bladder is having some cramps, but its not horrible.  This could be SO much worse. 

 The funny thing yesterday…..  Actually there were two of them.  One – someone parked against my car at work yesterday and left it that way.  Their front bumper pushing IN on my front fender.  Good grief.  Two – at the urologist, they put me in the cysto room and left for a minute.  I'm sitting there thinking 'now this was just supposed to be a BCG appointment…right…?'.  The scope is over near the counter and all sorts of stuff was set out.  The nurse came back in with the prepared solution and started getting stuff ready and I asked her 'This is just a BCG today…right…?'.  She had to look at the chart and then responded in the affirmative.  Whew.  There for a minute I thought I was going to have to beat some sense into the Dr.

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