blabber cancer cis originally. nov.2002spread to

blabber cancer cis originally. nov.2002
spread to ureter and into wall of bladder in form of tumor

My husband was diagnosed sept 96 at age 45 with cis bladder cancer. after 12 bcg treatments he remained cancer free for 5 years. Had abnornal dna and cytology periodically.In 2000 he had a postive cytology as well as biopsies. 6 treatments of bcg and interferon were given. Followup Cytology and biopsies were performed. Positive results. Biopsies performed.Two tumors were removed. One from the ureter and one from the muscle of the wall of the bladder. pathology results positive.Dr. at Moffit Cancer center recommends radical Cystectomy.
My husband wants to try any possible alternative before agreeing with this surgery.
Any suggestions?
Dr. does not want to delay this for very long.
He suggested 2nd week in Dec. We will wait until at least mid Jan.
He is on a very large dose of vitamin and herbs hoping to heal himself.
I can only be supportive, but I can not make this decision fot him.
thank you ruth
April 2003
My husband has worked very hard at staying fit and healthy. He has believed that he could rid this disease from his body. In fact he feels better and looks better than he has in the 7 years since being diagnosed.
Unfortunatly, his latest biopsies showed stage 3 muscle invasive cancer. lymphovascular invasion present.
He was informed by his Doctor that he could no longer go without medical intervention.
I feel that he did his best to get in the best shape so should get thru treatments better.
He has a problem with a blockage in his ureter so he will have to have a procedure done to bypass his ureter. He will need the kidney to flush out chemo if he goes that route.
Presently he is looking into a 3 week chemo-radiation treatment. After that they go in and check to see if the cancer is gone.If it is, they continue with chemo and he keeps his bladder.
If not they do surgery at that time.
We never thought that we would opt for chemo-radiation; but, he wants to keep that bladder.
Has anyone had luck with this treatment?
They say that they have very good results.
We will know this week if he is a candidate for this treatment.

july 25 003. Surgery at Cleveland clinic. Laparascopic removal of prostate, bladder. unable to make neo bladder because of cancer in ureters and urethra. Ileal conduit.
Lymph node invasion makes chemo necessary.

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