Bladder Cancer

Bladder Cancer

my mom was just diagnosed. She had her surgery on Thursday Sept 2. All went well. She had her bladder, ovaries, appendix & lymph nodes removed. They made her a bladder out of her colon/large intestine. That is why she needed the appendix out, because that is where the new bladder goes. She has a “nipple” type thing sticking out of her lower abdomen, near belly button that she will put a straw into and drain 3-4 times a day. Doctor will find out tomorrow if the ovaries/lymph nodes were cancer. Told us, they didn’t look like it when he did the surgery. Mom is very depressed, but trying to keep her positive. I Told her with technology these days, that is awesome that she has the new internal type bag/bladder. Doctor told us she won’t have an appetite for atleast 3 months, but thankfully she is already asking for steak!! I told her the sooner she eats, the faster she heals. (energy!!) Too bad, they want a bowel movement before she gets anything other than clear liquids 🙁
What is there to poop, since she hasn’t eaten a single bite of food for nearly a week?? Looking forward to her getting out of the hospital, so she can heal faster.
Would love to hear from anyone!! please email me.

Just recieved the good news, that the cancer was confined to the bladder!! Thank you GOD!! Hope to be leaving the hospital in 3-4 more days.

mom left the hospital 9-12-04, after only 10 days!! (WOW) She is doing great. Not having much pain at all. Mostly depression/anxiety. Is on vicodin for pain, but hoping to get a call from the doctor to give her something for the anxiety. Not having much nausea either. They told us she wouldn’t have an appetite for 3 months, but she is eating well, just very small portions. Was a little concerned with the amount of drainage from all the tubes, and also noticed more blood in the bags also. home health nurse came today, and called the doctor who wasn’t concerned. Should be getting all the tubes removed on 9-21-04, and will then start using the new bladder.

Mom got 4 out of 5 tubes removed on 9-21-04, and decided she was well enough to go home. (was staying at sisters since the hospital) She is still doing fantastic!! Afraid the other “shoe is going to drop”…..that things have went so well. She was supposed to get the last tube out/leg bag once she was comfortable with cathing herself. Which was just started 2 days ago. She has been doing good with that. Was a bit nervous at first, but who could blame her? Then talking with her on the phone, her last tube just mysteryously FELL out. Mom got pretty freaked out, but I tried to calm her. I told her that it must have been ready to come out, and no going back to the bag now. She said it was her “security” at night time, because now she needs to get up every 2-3 hours to cath herself, until the bladder will hold for 5 hours. (they said that is usually max)
I told her to look at it as a new baby, with nightly feedings. (still trying to keep her positive. I wonder at this point if she would have rather had a new baby…
I called the nurse to make sure the tube was ok, and she said “great” …… it was ready to come out. Said if anything bad was going to happen, it would have by now. Will see doctor tomorrow.

Saw doctor last Thursday, said she is doing so great she doesn’t need to come back for 3 months. And it’s only been 1 month since surgery!!! Will still have fingers crossed and will keep praying for the rest of our lives. Didn’t need any chemo drugs either. Thank GOD!!!

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