bladder cancer, invasive,BCG,Chemo

bladder cancer, invasive,BCG,Chemo

My father went to a urologist in his hometown area Burlington,NC (04/02). He had issues with blood in his urine and mild pain when urinating. After several minor surgery’s from the Burlington doctor to remove the cancer cells from his bladder we finally convinced him to go to another doctor. We got him to the urology center at Duke University ( top hospital). He was assigned to a well known doctor Dr. Albala. The doctor did a biopsy on my Dad and found no sign of cancer. He was told to come back in six months for a follow-up. The follow-up came quick (03/04) and they saw superficial (phase )1 in his bladder but not beyond the bladder. The doctor recommend six treatments of BCG for my father to kill the cancer cells. After two treatments my father became ill with a urinary tract infection and his prostate also enlarged. He got to the point where he had to be catheterized in order to urinate. The doctor then performed TURP surgery to clear away the tissue not allowing him to urinate on his on. This went very well and my father felt better, no cather. My father still complained of aches and pains in his legs and back, called it arthritis. A CTscan was done and the cancer has reached his pelvic bone, he began chemo and radiation last week. They were going to remove his bladder but since it has reach the bone they started chemo automatically. My father is feeling okay so far just tired, and taken the medications. He has no other medical issues before in his whole life beyond a cold and he will be 63 this year. I am just amazed at how this spread so fast. My Dad has never smoked but he worked on cars his whole life and they think the fumes settled in his bladder. Duke has been a wonderful hospital for this type of service. Your prayers are deeply appreciated.

My Dad has had two weeks of chemo so far once a week. He is a little tired but no other side effects beyond swelling in the feet that went down later. He went for his 2nd round of chemo and his red and white blood levels are low and he was given a transfusuon. Hopefully he can resume the treatments this week. He has been doing well with little side effects. God is with him each day to make sure he pulls through this.
Any ideas on hobbies for him? He gets bored qucikly since use to working all the time on cars.

Dad had a CT scan today after three cycles of chemo. The result is no worse and no better. His cancer is stable at the time and he will continue to take three more cycles of chemo since he has had little side effects, just tired some times. Hopefully these next cycles will begin to vanish the cancer. His white blood cells are low and they are going to give him a shot the day after chemo to bring them up to normal. Please continue your prayers and I will do the same. My Dad’s spirit is great, faith and hope are key.

Dad completed chemo and had another CT scan. The cancer has not spread but is still present.The doctor decided to start radiation for five weeks M-F, with light chemo once a week. Dad has pain in his legs and pelvic area but taking pain medications for that and also the radiation may relieve the pain. His doctors at Duke think this is the next step to treat the cancer and do not plan to remove the bladder, they are trying to save the bladder. His doctors are very optimistic because he handled the chemo so well and has had great health before this all happened.

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