Bladder cancer, tumor removed. Cancer is agressive

Bladder cancer, tumor removed. Cancer is agressive and is in the walls of the bladder. May have spread to lymph nodes.

Found out a little over a week that my Dad has bladder cancer. He is 63 and other than the cancer is in fantastic physical shape. He has exercised and watched his diet all his life. He did smoke when he was in his 20s. He was having some back pain that would not go away, he went to the doctor and they thought it may be a kidney stone. He became more ill, weakness, vomiting, fevers. Eventually, the urologist saw a tumor and they removed it . The analysis showed that it was cancer and that it is aggressive and in the wall of his bladder. The doctor concluded that the bladder needs to be removed, a radical cysectomy. He has not really felt better since they removed the tumor, he still has back pain and feels very weak and has no appetite. The doctor is not sure why since these are not usual symptoms. This is what is really scaring me.
The did further tests to see if the cancer was in his bones and other areas, the local lymph nodes were enlarged and he had a biopsy yesterday. Well get the results next Tuesday.
If the cancer is in the lymph nodes, the doctor would like to do chemotherapy first before removing the bladder to avoid the surgery.
From what I have researched it seem that if the cancer is in the lymph nodes, there is not a lot of info. I’m not sure if anyone has had experience with this, good or bad and can provide some insight.

9-08 Found out today that cancer is in the lymph node. My parents are meeting with an oncologist next week (more waiting!!). They are going to wait on removing the bladder to see if the chemo works. This is really bad news but I was expecting it.
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