Bladder Cancer ( unclear of grade or stage at this

Bladder Cancer ( unclear of grade or stage at this point.) Surgery scheduled for Aug 9/05.

Intermittent hematuria x 1 year. History of Hemaraghic cystitis 15 years ago due to prolonged use of cyclophosfemide. Cervical carcinoma in-situ in 1976 resulting in hysterectomy. Recurrance to vaginal vault 1 year ago and treated with laser. Cystology showed abnormal cells. Bladder biopsy confirmed CA. On day of biopsy discussed chemo with BCG with me…but when giving me biopsy results this week…stated ” we will decide on treatment when pathology is returned on the tumour.” Sounds like things might have changed doesn’t it? I wonder how long I will need to be off work? The Doc is going on vacation and there is no time to get my questions answered before he goes. Perhaps the answers re: grade and stage cannot be answered at this point anyway. I guess that I wait. Any suggestions out there? I will be 55 years old this month. Have been told that the recovery period is four to six weeks. Is there much discomfort after the surgery?

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