bladdercancer(TCC);tumor posterior wall,grade I,no

bladdercancer(TCC);tumor posterior wall,grade I,non-invasive T1;tumor left lateral wall,TA,high gradeII-III,superficial invasion of lamina propria.

Was hospitalized in Nov. 2000 for severe kidney infection. Bleeding, pain, etc. Dr. thought I had passed a kidney stone. Started bleeding again Dec. 26 and Jan. 1, 2001. Dr. requested an IVP be done and two tumors showed in bladder. Had TUR to remove tumors. Tests also showed mass on right kidney. Had kidney surgery in Feb. 2001 to remove benign mass. Started 6 weeks of BCG treatments about 4 weeks after kidney surgery. Had 3 months off treatments. Started with BCG treatments (to complete a 18 course treatment of BCG) again in Aug. 2001. Had bad cramps, nausea, tremors, chills, etc. with initial treatments. Side effects from starting back with BCG after 3 months off were even worse than before. My urologist refused to give me any more BCG treatments. Said he thought that the 7 treatments I had completed had done what they were supposed to do. Had cysto Sept. 20 and discovered two small tumors growing. Dr. is to do TUR again in Dec. 2001 to remove tumors. Hopefully, at that time, we will try different chemo treatments. Have many people praying and my faith is strong. Believe this will be an on-going hill to climb. Will tackle it one day at a time.

Had surgery to remove tumors in Nov. 2001. One tumor was burnt the other biopsied. It was a grade 3 but noninvasive. Had 3 treatments of BCG + interferon after healing from surgery. My last cysto was done in April 2002. Good report and cystology report was good. Will have another cysto done in July and will start treatments again at that time. Just thank the good LORD for each day!

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