Hi Im Bob ima 49 year old man usually very healthy, have to say i did smoke about 30 a day till i was told i have bladder cancer.
I started in mid Feb this year i passes blood in my urine lots i would have to say, i went within a few days to the doc who sent me to see a uroligist did test looked up inside my bladder nothing! so was happy, untill that is i got a call from his office saying that they found abnormal cells in a urine test i did when i had the cysto done.
I then went to see him and he said i have malignant cells in my urine shedding from somewhere! ok i said now what, he then took me into hospital and under ansetic he looking inside again where he said he found a flat area of carsinoma. He then cut/burned this out. after about 8 weeks i went into hospital and had this looked at again only in 2 days was ok
good new is all looks ok no more to cut/burn out, im going to see the uro on june the 3rd next week to see about BCG not sure if i need it but we will see.
I have to say all this is very scarry isnt it haveing never been ill, so if anyone want to chat to me please feel frre to email me ok
Kind Regards Bob

Hi all i went to my uro yesterday and all looks good! im doing urine test now in acid every three weeks, they say im unusual as the area that was resected doent realy show cancer, it driving me mad realy all this. I had positive urine cytoligy but the patholigy is clear……….anyone else had this be nice to know??

Hi all just an update, im haveing the BCG treatment starting on wed the 23/6/04 so will let you know how things go.

ok bye for now Bob

11th December04

Hi all agin well i had a CT scan and it has shown somthing with my left Kidney! Oh well but my uro isnt worried at this time so will start urine cytology on the 20th this month fingers crossed it will show no bad cells ………
well il keep you informed of any progress
bob ,,,,,,,,,,happy xmas too…….

well I just thought id update this here, iv had my second installation of BCG maintainance yesterday and boy it was different! I have to say i had pain this time and i passsed blood in my urine it was a bit scarry seeing it, it brought back the memory of when i first had this nasty thing called BC. well one more then a rest from it for 3 months. Befor i started haveing the maintainance my urine was tested and it di show some blood all be it microscopic so will wait and see my uro in a few weeks, bye for now bob…..

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