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My Dad part two

Posted by: DigitalElaine in Untagged  on

I am updating this for my own purposes really.

Thursday  -we came home to see Dad today as my sister and Mum said he was getting very low. I rang Mr Carr the consultant and managed to speak with his PA who was very helpful. She put us in touch with the Clinical Nurse Specialist who came to see Dad on the ward to reassure him that actually he is doing well. This seemed to help. Dad held my hand after she left and said, 'Elaine....do you think I am going to get out of this corner?' I said 'yes Dad you are.' Later on Dad talked about wanting to go to the Isle of Wight and taking the girls (my

metastasis to the vaginal wall after radical cystectomy

Posted by: kinger in Untagged  on

Has anyone ever heard of bladder cancer returning to the vaginal wall several years after radical cystectomy? My family is dealing with this right now. We have consulted with numerous urologists from major university hospitals and not one has seen this recurrence

My Dad

Posted by: DigitalElaine in Untagged  on

Hi I am from the UK and my Dad has undergone a huge operation just over a week ago. He was (finally) diagnosed with cancer of the ureter and kidney in November after several tests which began in July. He was taken into hospital in January to have his left kidney and ureter removed only for them to discover that it had travelled to his bladder. Due to Dad having had radiation treatment in his forties, they could not use any other option other than to completley remove his bladder. So last Monday 11th April, two teams of surgeons removed all three (bladder, kidney and ureter) along with his

another surgery - "elective" ??

Posted by: Sidra in Untagged  on

well, i went for another opinion on my neo bladder which has left me totally incontinent since last July.  went to another doc at the same facility.  now   i'm scheduled for surgery to "convert" the neo to an internal pouch.  my current problem is that the doc is calling it "elective".  aside from all the surgical "issues" (mending all over again, etc),  i am concerned the insurance will not appreciate an elective surgery.  i understand they don't want to document a mistake, and, doc doesn't believe it will be a problem as it's not cosmetic.  i suggested we call it a "repair".  i do not want

In August of 2010 I experienced hematuria (drops of blood in my urine). To say I was shocked and scared is a understatement. I was 43 years old at the time and all sorts of bad thoughts started to cross my mind. Well, I researched my symptom on the internet and being a heavy smoker it pointed to Bladder Cancer. I remained in denial for a month after the first symptom and the haematuria did not Hppen until a month later again. On the second instance I got a check up done which involved a ultrasound of the bladder. Nothing showed up in the ultrasound and I heaved a sigh of relief. A month later

In the beginning

Posted by: RysMomKB in Untagged  on

My son was 23 and in Arizona, in their State Prison, serving a 4 month sentence for 1st offense DUI [whatever you do, don't drink and drive in Arizona] when he began having blood in his urine in the latter part of 2009.  To make a very very long story short, he had bladder cancer.  The tumor was very large, and after attempting to remove it via two TURBT procedures, one day apart, the surgeon opted to go in and perform an open resection to get the rest of the tumor out.  In all, over 100 grams of tumor was removed.  Because he was a guest of the state prison, he wasn't given any followup

another opinion on Tuesday

Posted by: Sidra in Untagged  on

to recap, i had a neo bladder in July last yr. i have been incontinent ever since.  i have seen another doc my surgeon referred me to.  i don't like what he is proposing, basically, a hammock.  my research has seemed to indicate this procedure is not so great. so, i have an appointment with another doc at the same institution (USC).  i hope i have all my questions ready and that she has an alternative that i can live with. perhaps a woman will understand a little better as the neos seem to be more successful on men than woman.  i guess if i/we switch the diversion i have (neo), it will depend

An Update

Posted by: acorte in Untagged  on

Has been some time since I posted on my progress so here goes.

 Had a second TURBT on December 14, 2010 which resulted in negative for cancer regrowth.  Began a 6 week BCG Treatment regiment in January 2011 during which I continued with a full work schedule and attempted to exercise as much as possible.  I did have fatigue and headaches during the first 48 hours after each treatment and my motivation level was lower.  Otherwise I felt OK (not great).  Was not until a week to ten days after the last treatment that I realized how much the treatments did affect my overall physical (and mental)

Muscle invasive TCC grade II-III/III with CIS T2N0M0

I was diagnosed with muscle invasive TCC in February 1995 after seeing a small amount of blood in my urine. I was 45 years old at the time. My urologist referred me to a Dr. Sagalowsky at the University of Texas Southwest Medical Center in Dallas, Texas. After several tests and additional biopsies we decided to do a RC with neobladder construction. My surgery was on 4/7/1995 and the final report was T2N0M0 grade II-III/III TCC. Recovery went well and I was back at work in 60 days after returning home. My neobladder has been very good and at

Unsafe production could result from low-cost drugs

Posted by: AaronW in Untagged  on


In an unusual move, the FDA has recalled 500 medications meant to treat coughs and colds. The FDA cites untested safety and effectiveness in this recall. There is a trade-off to manufacturing medications in emerging markets. This recall highlights that security trade. Resource for this article - FDA recalls 500 medicines; low cost can mean unsafe manufacturing by MoneyBlogNewz.

Specific medicines recalled by FDA

In probably the most recent Food and Drug Administration recall, over five hundred cold, allergy and cough medicines were recalled. Several different suppliers were attacked in the

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