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I am writing to ask for help. My husband had a radical cystectomy in June 2010 (prostrate and urethra also removed) for muscle-invasive bladder cancer. He was in the hospital for 33 days for ileus (digestive system shutdown), and in August started 5 months of cisplatin-gemzar chemotherapy, which ended on Dec 8th. Does anyone have experiences with nausea lasting this long after chemo has ended? He has 1 or max 2 good days a week, when he's not even aware of his stomach. The rest of the time he is miserable. He is not actually vomiting, but very nauseated with sweaty palms and no

BCG and blood Glueclose levels

Posted by: mellowbob in Untagged  on

I just finish my first maintenace series BCG treatment last Monday, Feb. 28. Two days later March2 I had my annual check up with my Internist. Since I had just finish the BCG no UA was done at the Doctors office but blood work was.  Today I recieved a call from the Doctors Nurse telling me that my glueclose levels were higher then normal and I needed to come in for a two hour test of my glueclose level to see if they remain high before my Doctors appt. next week. I have never had a problem with my glueclose levels before this. This is also the first Blood work I have had done since last

Choosing a doctor

Posted by: klau1973 in Untagged  on

Four years ago my mom was diagnosed with bladder cancer and our world turned upside down.  She was treated at the Memorial Sloan Kettering and she has been doing wonderfully.  She had superficial bc.  She had a TURB with Mitomycin followed by several weeks of BCG treatments.  Since then she goes back for scopes every couple months (she is now up to six months apart) and all have been clear.  This website was a blessing to me then and unfortunately I am back on here b/c I just learned yesterday that my cousin's husband has been diagnosed with bc at the age of 38. 

 She called for advice and


I'm looking for anyone with experience of having pudendal neuralgia after RC with neobladder?  My father had his RC with Neo in 2006 and about 6 months after that surgery began to have severe burning issues in the urethra (not when urinating).  This triggered the uro to run test to determine possible cause.  In some instances he did have infection but everything else was fine (emptying completely, no leaking, etc).  He was advised to irrigate....but no change.  Many tests later, various prescriptions, etc......still severe burning, more frequently and also including the rectum/anus area

2nd surgery thursday

Posted by: Sidra in Untagged  on

well, be careful what you ask for !  they found a fistula in my first post-op CT Scan. i was scheduled for surgery to close it March 30th, way too far away.

i emailed my own surgeon, heads up the whole deal/dept. at USC and he got it moved up to this Thursday (2/17).   i wish i had the same confidence in this doc as i do in my surgeon (who doesn't do this type of work.)  but my doc has total confidence in him, so i guess i should trust his

BCG instillations and autoimmune disease

Posted by: mconit in Untagged  on

Is there anyone out there that has had the initial 6 sessions of BCG instillations whilst at the same time having an autoimmune disease. In my case I was diagnosed with Sjogren's Syndrome some 15 years ago which is being treated with eye-drops and at "flare-up" times with steroids. I have noticed that since my initial instillations, my Sjogren's has become considerably worse. I cannot find any published literature on the subject regarding the worsening of any autoimmune disorders and I wonder whether any member has had a similar

Bladder Cancer Journey

Posted by: Fitz in Untagged  on

Left radical nephroureterectomy on 1/22/10 for urothelial carcinoma. There was a noninvasive 3cm TCC tumor in the renal pelvis. They had to take the kdney, the ureter and bladder cuff.

First Cysto on 4/15 was clear but the 6 month one found a tumor. TURBT done 8/10 to remove 1cm tumor and cauterize two other areas. Biopsies showed low grade cancer again - the tumor and the area where the ureter and been attached were both more of the same.November '10 Update: No tumors visible during the cysto.  Yeah! Scheduled next cysto for February. Will it be clear or am I on a 6 month re-occurrence


Posted by: Sidra in Untagged  on

i had my bladder removed last July and have a neo bladder. i am very incontinent and may need further surgery to "correct" that (leaving me hyper continent.)  right now my CT Scan a few weeks ago showed a fistula (hole) from the neo to the vagina. i am now waiting, waiting and waiting for the corrective procedure/surgery for that to be scheduled.  i wonder if i will learn patience from all this.... 

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Posted by: terriem in Untagged  on

Thank you to the two who answered my blog.  I got my hubby to the dr.  He was severely dehydrated after getting food poisoning and then then stomach flu.  It took a week for him to get back on track, and they pushed his chemo back one week to be sure that he was fullly recovered and healthy enough to start the chemo.

Just wanted to give an update .. thank you

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