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Have questions

Posted by: terriem in Untagged  on

This may be a little different, as I am not the one with the bladder cancer.  My husband was diagnosed with bladder cancer in November 2010, and had his bladder and prostate removed in December 2010.  I am his primary caregiver and work full-time as well.  He has an ileal loop, with a stoma on the right side of hiss stomach.  He has come to grips with having to wear to urostomy bag, and has got a full night sleeep for the first time in years.  He is 64.  His bladder cancer was staged at T3b.

He seemed to be doing very well after his surgery and was scheduled to begin chemo in one week.  Last

more surgery, ick

Posted by: Sidra in Untagged  on

well, went for my first full exam (CT scan, blood work, x-rays) since my neo bladder was put in in July 2010.  they found a "hole" somewhere around the vaginal wall and the neo-bladder.  depending where it is will determine the extent of surgery.  waiting to hear from the doc at USC at set up first internal exam.  silly me, i thought i was done with all this......good news, no evidence of cancer anywhere else in the area. take a deep breathe and walk thru this one day at a

Desperate to understand!!

Posted by: denisescott77 in Untagged  on

My mother-in-law was diagnosed with bladder cancer around 10 weeks ago,  she is severely disabled. When the doctors went in to remove the tumor they couldnt as it was blocking the urethra and kidney drains, they fed tubes into her kidneys to drain directly as her bladder couldnt cope. They have since done a bone scan and we are due to take her for a CT scan tomorrow, all  I know is that its a high grade cancer,  I am so worried about my husband and his brothers as their dad only passed a year ago from a sudden heart attack. Dos anyone know how to discribe high grade cancer and prognosis as


Posted by: Tony in Untagged  on

I was diagnosed with bladder cancer (CIS) in October 2009.  Iwent through two courses of BCG (two 6-week treatments) and had two addtional biopsies.  I was told at the end of Novenber 2010 that my cancer had progressed and that I would need to have my bladder removed. I went to Lahey Clinic in Burlington, MA for further evaluation and counseling and was told that I was a candidate for a continent Neobladder.  I've scheduled the surgery for February 2010.  Are there other alternatives to surgery?  What are cancer survivors experiences with this surgery?  What are the chances of regaining

incontinence and physical therapy

Posted by: Sidra in Untagged  on

i posted in november re having a neo bladder as of july. i am totally incontinent. i did find a physical therapist (there are many) specializing in the pelvic floor.  i have been doing the PT for 3 weeks, and am slowly seeing some improvement, about 10%.  it will be a long process but worth it.

December 2010 Update

Posted by: Jeff in Untagged  on

Thanks Tony. Back at home and recovering slowly although a bit sore and tired. Op went well and just waiting for Uro to phone with pathology results. TCC was confined to ureter with no muscle invasion he told me in hospital. Need to go back in for removal of the stent in about 6 weeks.





24/11 Update

Posted by: Jeff in Untagged  on

Saw mu Uro today and we discussed the need for him to remove my kidney. The tumor is at the bottom end of the ureter and he has decised we can do the ureter resection, bladder cuff and reimplantation without taking the kidney. The catalyst for this is that I am borderline diabetic and he wants to keep the kidney in case this develops further. So surgery to go ahead on 8 December and I will update again

November 2010 Update

Posted by: Jeff in Untagged  on

Well test and Uro confirms a TCC in the left ureter. Uro has recommended removal of ureter and left kidney to prevent further travel to this organ. As I was groggy when diagnosis was related to me I have arranged to see Uro in his rooms on 24 November. Operation is booked for 8 December. Plan to ask Uro further questions including why he wants to take perfectly healthy kidney and what are risks if I keep

Physical Therapy for Incontinence after Neo

Posted by: Sidra in Untagged  on

i had a neo bladder put in in July. i am totally incontinent. has anyone used physical therapy for the pelvic floor to help this ? what have your experiences been ?

Newly Diagnosed

Posted by: acorte in Untagged  on

My name is Tony and I live in Chicago.  I am 56, good health and physically active, non smoker or drinker. 

My symptoms are similar to others I have read in the blogs ... blood in urine, no associated pain or discomfort,  CT Scan indicating a mass, and a look see with biopsy and removal of the tumor. 

 Found out last Tuesday (November 2, 2010)  that the tumor was a larger T1 highly aggressive variety.   In 5 weeks will have another look see with biopsy/removal of any visible regrowth or biopsy of area.  Immunotherapy for 6 weeks to begin shortly thereafter.  Another 6 weeks off followed by

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