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October 2010 Update

Posted by: Jeff in Untagged  on

March 2010 had another P & P and all clear with follow up in 18 months.

October 2010 tests for other matters (CT and ultrasound) show possible TCC of left Ureter which is partially blocked and enlarged. To see uro next week for diagnosis and treatment

Newly Diagnosed

Posted by: mellowbob in Untagged  on


My name is Bob, I live in Lincoln Nebraska  and I was diagnosed with bladder cancer in August. I am 63 years old.  I had my first turbt  in sept, two small TCC tumors removed, penny sized.  Post opt meet with my Uro, I was told there was no CIS but tumors were High grade and second turbt was scheduled mid Oct. to scrape wound area to muscle.  Meet with my uro this week and was told no cancer cells found.  I am going to start  BCG treatment in Mid Nov.  Six weeks first , then maintenance program after that.  My  Uro said we would do maintence for a year and if I tolerate that we would go on.

My OHSU trip: not my funnest ever trip to P-Town!

Posted by: Chester in Untagged  on

My daughter accompanied me on the drive north to Portland for moral support, plus we could visit friends and family who live there. My wife had those days off, but Ithought she could use a break after the consult with the oncologist in Medford, which kind of blew her away. 

The doctor at OHSU had a pretty casual delivery I found slightly unnerving, but seemed well-informed. He said that in cases of locally advanced bladder cancer (which my TCC was, basically, though it was in my kidney), their knee-jerk response is to recommend a 4-month course of gemcitabine/cisplatin, which might provide up

A chat with the oncologist

Posted by: Chester in Untagged  on

My consult with the oncologist was another bracing experience. My urologists had said they thought it was doubtful that post-op chemo would be recommended to clear up any stray cancer cells that may have escaped surgery, since the TCC seemed contained to the one kidney.

By this time my own research had me pretty alarmed - High-grade T3 tumor patients tended to have a 5-year survival rate around 23% - a bit less than 1 in 4 - not what I was trying to hear.

 The oncologist said "It seems to me that chemo has not been shown to extend survival times with this cancer." Damn, I'd rather she said

My Transitional Cell Kidney Cancer: Diagnosis and Surgery

Posted by: Chester in Untagged  on

I started having sporadic episodes of  blood in the urine back in August 2009. The person on my physicians call-exchange alarmed me with "Sounds like bladder cancer." Not what you want to hear. I went to the ER, and had a CT scan that showed nothing really out of the ordinary. The diagnosis was probable kidney stones, though none were found. Due to some bacterial infection found, I was given antibiotics and sent home. All seemed to be well, so I carried on with life as usual.

A couple of months later another episode of blood in the urine, another visit to the ER, another CT scan. Same


Posted by: Sidra in Untagged  on

i have come a long way since my first posting.  3 mos ago i had my bladder removed and had a neo-bladder. it has only been 3 months but i  am totally incontinent.  (doing my kiegels). any advise please as it is driving me crazy for a number of




 After my father's last bcg instillation he has had constant burning and urge

incontinence.   This has been going on for about 3 months.  The doctors seem

stumped and keep telling us it is an inflamed bladder.  The meds that they have

given us provide no relief.  Has anyone else experienced this?  And anyone have

any input or insight into this side

I am glad I found this website, and I would like to tell more of my husband's story.  It is Actos and Bladder Cancer - Possible Link  Please read the rest of the story, and comment on whether you have bladder cancer and take actos, if you desire to share this information. Thank

My husband has bladder cancer and is on the drug actos. As you may know, the FDA is investigating a possible link. His bladder cancer is Stage I, and he has been free of cancer for one year and will go for a checkup soon. I have written an article for a website about the FDA and about his story.  We may never know if the drug caused his bladder cancer. Cancer does not run in his family.

In July 2011, the FDA authorized a warning on Actos that it may cause bladder cancer. My husband is still in remission but now feels that the Actos probably caused his cancer. He was on it for four years. The

Newly diagnosed

Posted by: RcW in Untagged  on

howdy all,

  Well,  I am new at his so here goes.   Was passing blood clots like crazy two weeks ago.  Went to ER, and then saw a urologist here in Tucson.  Gave me a cystoscopy and found 3 very small tumors.   he is sure they are superficial stage but will go in  next week to take them out to investigate.  I am trying to learn as much as I can about all this.  Am 58 yo male  non smoker.    look forward to reading about al of this stuff.  


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