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on July 15 (a month ago) i had my bladder removed.(cancer). i have a neobladder . right now, one of my first problems is that i now have restless legs syndrome (RLS).  this condition is making it impossible to sleep. i am sure it is related to spending 12 hrs on the operating table, positioned like a frog ! (really.)  now the only thing my doc's staff is suggesting is going to a neurologist, taking nerve conduction tests, etc. i barely have any energy to push thru this recovery, let alone start down a whole new road. i am also having other problems with my

My 78 year old father was diagnosed with a Stage 1 T1 Grade 3 tumor in Jul 2009. He successfully went through a TURBT and six BCG treatments with minimal side effects. In Mar 2010 he had a follow-on biopsy ... good news; no evidence of the cancer. Then he started BCG maintenance in May 2010. We had 3 treatments scheduled. After the second treatment he started shedding the lining of his bladder so we stopped treatment. Here is the issue: he has pretty significant burning when he urinates. This started with the BCG maintenance treatments in May and still continues today (3 months). He had

One Year NED

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Well, I am happy to report that last month I (officially) reached the one year landmark for being NED. I had TCC of the renal pelvis and upper ureter (high grade and CIS) - T2N0M0 and I had a right radical nephroureterectomy on 21st April 2009. I am hoping for many more years of


Hi, please excuse what I can only describe as catharsis.

A Short History: 1999, I passed blood in my urine, went to hosptial, and had a urogram that revealled a poorly functioning right kindey (as I recall). I was diagnosed as having a kidney stone that had broken up in/near the kidney. Despite weeing through a sieve for a week I saw no stone (fragments). Followup urogram revealled a well functioning kidney. At no point do I remember the Urologist looking at my bladder.

In February 2010, following ambulatory monitoring for hypertension, I was referred by my Cardiologist for a urinary tract

One Year Later, Doing Well

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One year after my TURBT, and I'm feeling pretty good.  I had my fourth scope on the one year anniversary of my surgery, and it and my cytology have come back clean.  Thanks to everyone on the blcwebcafe for their help and


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I'm a 59 year old male.  Was having an urge to urinate and had a urine cytology done.  Report as follows:  Groups and single transitional cells showing an increase in nuclear to cytoplasmic ratio are seen.  Reactive transitional cells, RBS's and squamous cells also noted.  A trace of blood was found.  REPEAT URINE CYTOLOGY TO RULE OUT LOW GRADE TRANSITIONAL CELL CARCINOMA.  The urge to urinate has gone away.  I have no other symptoms.  I have had kidney stones in the past.  What should I do.  Is it possible I have

I'm a 47-year old female (non-smoker) who was diagnosed with bladder cancer in March 2010.  My pathology showed high grade papillary urothelial carcinoma with superficial invasion into the lamina propria.  I've gotten 3 opinions and my options are BCG therapy or cystectomy (neobladder).  I'm afraid to do the BCG therapy because of the the low cure rate and high return rate.  I know the cystectomy has a higher cure rate, but has a high rate of complications.  Does anyone have any advice for me?  I have 2 teenagers that need their

Radiculopathy Treatment

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Radiculopathy is pain caused by a compression or damage of nerves in the spine, neck, chest area, or lower back. The compression or damage occurs as a result of too much pressure being applied to the nerve by a variety of mechanical irritants. Although the nervous system is often able to repair itself, medical treatment methods can help the nerves to recover and heal from radiculopathy. Palm Beach offers spine institutes that specialize in the treatment of radiculopathy.

Doctors at Palm Beach spine institutes will evaluate a patient first to see if he or she suffers from radiculopathy.  X-rays


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Apparently, I have not been here since 2008.  My brother had been having a clean test for all of this time.  Blood in his urine has returned and it is assumed that the BC  has come back.  He went back into the hopsital Monday to have it taken care of.  But it seems he has anemia and has lost weight that he has not been able to regain, 10 pounds.  Is it possible to go from superficial to late stages, so quickly?  My brother does not live near by and we get minimal information.  He will be 49 at the end of this month.  Was a heavy smoker up until about 5 years ago.  Does alcohol have an impact

Been a whole since I updated here.  I'm now 42 (41 when for Turb) and always been a non-smoker.  Had surgery Jan 22, 2009.  Ran through 6 weeks of BCG.
Started maintenance BCG in November.  We're going to do that every 6 months (or 3 months after every scope for two years then re-evaluate).  My tumor was classed as large, aggressive and high-grade.

About to do my last quarterly scope today.  We'll go to every six months after that.

 So far its been clean.


The scope has become a non-event.  I get a bit worked up before-hand, but the procedure is nothing to me.  I know when to relax, take

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