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Papillary tumor of the bladder.

Since late 1998, was being seen by my urologistRed Bank, N.J.) for prostatitus. During the course of my treatment(mainly anitbiotics), red blood cells were observed under microscpoic examination of my urine. While initially thought to be due to the infection, the doctor recommended a more thorough workup. An IVP was done which was negative. The resulting X-rays were examined by both the radiologist as well as the urologist.
I was also scheduled(3/1999) for a cystoscopy which was done in the day stay surgery unit at the hospital. When the cysto was performed

Papillary transitional cell carcinoma, grade
2-3 of 4. Diagnosed at age 71

The cysto and biopsy of October 1995 was followed by two additional cystos and biopsies at three month intervals. These biopsies were suggestive of papillary transitional cell carcinoma grade 2/4 and focal moderate-severe dysplasia. My urologist suggested six weekly installations of Thiotepa beginning in June 1996. This was followed by eight monthly installations of Thiotepa from August 1996 to June 1997. During these monthly treatments cystos and biopsies were performed at six month intervals. These biopsies

Eleven Years With Bladder Cancer

This account will not be filled with medical terms. It is more of a learning
experience, and getting accustomed to doing things you never thought you
would have to do. Therefore it's a lifestyle change that is forced upon you.
My background, retired navy, college, and for the last twenty years in a
fast moving textile business has kept me in tune with what change means.
Change was normal for me. I'd like to think that being a change agent has
helped me make the transition from a life without cancer to a life with it.
In 1988 while on a trip, I stopped to go to the

TCC III-III Muscle invasive
had neobladder surgery 2/01/00

Just a short note to everybody who is interested that I was diagnosed in November 99, had blood in urine for several months and in August 99 went to the doctor finally. He eventually sent me to urologist and he made the Dx. I wanted to save the bladder and went to 3 different doctors: Mayo Clinic in Rochester, University of WI (Madison) Clinic and Froedtert Lutheran Hospital-Medical College of WI (Milwaukee).
Finally decided to go for neobladder surgery and had it in Froedtert Hospital on 2/1/00. Now I am at home with one tube still

TCC in situ, extensive.
T3a, N2, M1

History: When my Mom, Mary, was diagnosed with TCC, she was 57 years old, in good health, had never smoked or suffered exposure to dyes or chemicals, but had an "over active" bladder with increasing incontinence since 1993.

Procedure: Radical Cystectomy with diversion to an ileal loop on 2/12/99. 8 day hospital stay.

Pathology: "poorly differentiated TCC of bladder, high grade, with lymphovascular invasion; invasive through bladder wall to cervix, uterus, and endometrium; extension to uterine and cervical serosa; right and left ovaries and left

Age 46--TCC/CIS grade III/III, treated with BCG which didn't stop recurrence and progression in my case, requiring cystectomy and a neobladder.

At age 46,I was diagnosed with TCC (bladder Ca)and CIS which was found to be grade III/III, with invasion into the lamina propria, though initially not the muscle. I was othewise healthy with no presenting symptoms other than blood in urine. Follow up biopsies continued to find grade III/III with CIS, and ultimately initial signs of invasion.

Along with taking Oncovite, I attempted 3 weekly treatments of BCG immunotherapy instillations, but after a 3

Two superficial tumors, one stage T0, one T1, + Cis, all grade II/III. Treated with BCG, then Mitomycin. Clean for the last year.

I was 56 years old at diagnosis in 1994. Had actually gone to the urologist to see if I could have a collagen procedure for incontinence. He did lots of tests including an IVP. He said he knew that I had BlCa because I had told him that my bladder "tingled" all the time. He discovered 3 tumors, 2 papillaries (the kind that look like a cluster of grapes) and 1 area of CIS (the "flat" tumor). I had a TURBT to remove that. After another laser surgery, because I still

TCC, two papillary tumors, T1 (lamina invasive), grade II/III. TURB 01/12/00.

My tale begins during my wife's and my annual (November, 1999)trek to Ohio for a family visit. I experienced difficulty in urinating while on the trip, ended up in the motel bathroom all night not able to urinate but eventually passing blood. That prompted me to wake my wife, Nelda, up for a trip to the emergency room. The DR said I had a bladder infection, gave me some antibiotics, and said to see my family DR upon my return.

Things got better within about 24 hours, and I made it back to Texas with the help of

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