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After two years of occasional haematuria (my doctor and I thought it was just bladder infections)  I finally insisted on an ultrasound.   Three tumours - one large and two small were discovered.   It was non-invasive  papillary urothelial carcinoma.  I was not expecting this.  After all, I don't fit the usual profile for bladder cancer ( I'm a 56 year old non-smoking female).  

I had a transurethral resection  in Canada almost three months ago but have since moved to Mexico where I will need to continue treatment.  My doctor here will be doing another cystoscopy in about three weeks

Need Information

Posted by: quietrunner in Untagged  on

It is a journey.  BC and who would have thought it would have come from smoking over 30 years ago.  I always thought that since if it tasted like tree bark, cardboard or sawdust and was remotely good for you (and I usually liked it) that I was heading it off at the pass.  Now I have a radical coming up in a week and I wanted to know how guys like their neo bladders.  I have some concerns but have been practicing my exercises and hope to be continent after the surgery.  I was considering the India Pouch because it might be easier.  Any thoughts and feedback.  I'd really appreciate the

Pre Diagnosis Wonderings

Posted by: Kazann in Untagged  on

I am a new blogger, and I am in the pre-diagnosis stage, so I don't really know what is happening yet. I am assuming that it will all be a false alarm, and nothing to worry about, as I am NEVER sick, and have an immune system stronger than steel!

I am not really scared or aything, as I really don't yet know what we are dealing with. All I know is that I feel a little sobered to be told that they have found a tumour in my bladder, and that I need an urgent cystoscopy.

I am a 42 years young, homeschooling mum of 8 kids, and really don't feel my job here is done! So, I plan on sticking around for

Had my second RBT and am cancer free. Will be starting 6month, 3 week BCG  treatments in June.  Dr will do cystoscopy before the 1st treatment to make sure nothing coming back.

My new doctor is very thourough which really helps give me confidence that he will be able to keep this under control.

I am so relieved to have it all clear and can get on with my life.

Thank you to all who have been so supportive.


indiana pouch questions

Posted by: kteeth in neobladder or pouch on

I first want to thank everyone for sharing her experiences. I was excited to not be the only woman again. I had my cystectomy 3 months ago and opted for the Indiana pouch bc it seemed the most" normal" and convenient. However I'm having a lot of problems w/ catheterizing. I often can't insert and therefor can't void. This is a real problem bc my Dr. and hospital are about an hour and a half away from my home. I ended up in the emergency room this week and am back on the bag until my antibiotics are done. I seem to produce a lot of mucous and this is complicating things. and I'm now having a

Nine Months Post- Turbt A-Ok

Posted by: West Seattle Jake in Untagged  on

Hi all,

I'm happy to say that my screening nine months after my Turbt surgery has come up looking good.   Thanks to everyone for their support and advice as time as progressed.  I feel blessed to feel as good as I do, and I take nothing for granted.  If anyone needs a kind word or someone to talk to about BC, please feel free to email me.  I'm so fortunate that it's the least that I can

Studer Diversion Concern

Posted by: Hox in Untagged  on

Scheduled for Studer Diversion on March 17.  Really having a difficult time wondering how long to daytime continence.    Can anyone share there experience?  Thanks, Rick Hawkes Victoria

Decision Made... Surgery not BCG

Posted by: Hox in Untagged  on

Decided on RC... will be scheduled in next 10 days... really happy with this decision... 97% chance of full control once learned how... Excellent prognosis for 5 year cancer free...  3 - 4 weeks in hospital... 4 months to full recovery... Rick


Let me start saying i had my bladder removed 30 years ago. Im now 32. I have an urostomy. I live a normal life, i dont really think there's nothing i can do in life. I surf, play basketball and have a very active social life. Go out to clubs, dance, drink(moderately) and have lots of friends and 2 ex GF that knew about my condition.

The thing is that there are new types of urinary diversions that dont require the use of an external bag. Even though im happy with my life, im aware that life could be "easier" without a bag hanging from your belly. 

I want to know if there's anyone who

Cytology Results

Posted by: tar23525 in Untagged  on

I got the results back of my cytology and the urine has some abnormal cells, although the oncologist says that these are single cells, the count is low and thus it doesn't necessarily mean a tumour. I must have another cytology next week to see if the count is increasing, which would tend to indicate a tumour. I am only scheduled for my next cystoscope at the end of March but I think I will wait to see for the results of the cytology and if there is an increase in count, I must surely go for another cystoscope. But, as far as I know, carcinoma in situ is difficult to pick up with cystoscopy

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