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BCG or surgery... Confused and on short time to decide...

Posted by: Hox in Untagged  on

The long and the short of it is I have had recurring non invasive for 9 years... suddenly very invasive.  Apparently my last biopsy was clear except an unknown area in my lower ureter.  Offered 6 weeks of BCG with a scoping in 10 weeks with a chance at reducing recurrence to 25% from 50% but no gurantee that it will work or that it will protect anything but the bladder.   Could be that the cancer continues to survive and thrive through this and in the end I am further behind and need more radical surgery....

Option 2 is bladder out within 8 weeks.  With what they know there is a good chance

Scared Newbee awaiting surgery...

Posted by: Hox in Untagged  on

Not sure how this works... Waiting for removal of bladder and prostate... would really like to connect with others in similar circumstance and those that have been down this road before me.  Thanks.  Rick  Victoria BC

Had my 6 BCG treatment yesterday. Went well.  Some blood, some pain when urinating. Pain is less this morning but urgency is still there. Drinking lots of water to flush the system.

Pat if you are there: My doctor is leaving area in 3 weeks and new Urologist won't he here until June so he is sending me to OHSU for followup treatments. All my information has been forwarded and they will be calling me to make appointments.

It is 100 miles from where I live, but have family and friends there so I will have a place to stay.

So will be getting to know a new doctor and since this is a cancer

one year and clear

Posted by: dunkem37 in Untagged  on

Just had a bilateral retrograde pyelogram at one year mark due to location of original cancer site.  Had the usual cysto every 3 months and those were clear. This was 100 % clear according to physician and am so thankful.  This may be a bit more than most would have for a low level stage, but truly it is a great result giving a tremendous amount of relief.  Follow up in office cystos every 3 months is still the plan and since this seems to be working well, will continue to follow the plan.  This web site has been most helpful and I encourage others to utilize it not only for the information,

Had 5th BCG.   In my  6 hour, bleech in toilet, time frame.  Again there is blood on tissue each time I urinate.

Has anyone had this problem?? Is this something that happens??  I had this last time and the doctor said probably slight cath trauma.  With BCG being what it is, isn't cath trauma during the treatment dangerous??

 I am becoming very concerned. I will call the doctor in the morning and let him know about the bleeding.

If someone has had this problem I would really appreciate some

Looking for information and help

Posted by: JustPassinThru in Untagged  on

I was diagnosed with bladder cancer July 22, 2008 & had a TURBT on July 25,2008.  It was superficial and the pathology report showed it to be high grade. Approximately 4 weeks later after my bladder had time to heal I had my first round of BCG treatments. No problems with adverse reactions to the BCG other than feeling a little tired and of course the frequent trips to the restroom.  My Urologist did a cystoscopy about 4 to 6 weeks after the BCG treatments and said things looked good.  3 month check-up after that he said that there appeared to be inflammation, took a biopsy and if I remeber

Well my 5th treatment had to be cancelled due to an infection detected when they did the urine test. Am on an anti-biotic but still not feeling good.  I had not been feeling good since my 4th treatment but assumed it was just side effects.

I was very disappointed as I am looking forward to getting this done.  Oh well, I will take my medicine and hope it takes care of the infection and then get on with

Newly diagnosed - BCG in a few weeks

Posted by: qbalaska in Untagged  on

I was diagnosed with bladder cancer last month, had a tumor removed and have high grade flat cell cancer. I had to do another biopsy last week because they didn't get enough healthy tissue to determine if the cancer had spread to the muscle.

I got good news today that it has not invaded the muscle nor is it in my prostate. I will be starting BCG in 3-4 weeks after my bladder has healed.

I was wondering if there is anything I should be doing ahead of time or things I should know going into the treatment that might make it easier.

Also, has anyone had other treatments for similar cancer that have

Tumor larger than expected..

Posted by: Sookie53 in Untagged  on

My husband underwent TURB surgery 1/27 for a tumor diagnosed thru CT.  Surgeon told us tumor was much larger than anticipated, but thought he got it all except for some "spokes" or "satellite" areas.  Said we would have to wait for pathology to know next step. He had been very upbeat prior to surgery, not so much after surgery.  Has anyone had a tumor removed with "spokes" - Dr.  described as strands growing along bladder wall from bigger than expected tumor -  that was still superficial cancer?  We now have another week of waiting for stage and grade pathology, but the spoke and satillite

Polenta8's Family

Posted by: Lucy in Untagged  on


I had a tumor removed from my bladder in April 2009. After an overnite stay in the hospital and a catheter for about two weeks, I returned to work. The tumor was rather larger but had not invaded the bladder wall. Following the catheter removal, I began weekly Chemo treatments (Mutamycin?) directly into my bladder-holding for at least two hours. This went on for six weeks and then I graduated to monthly treatments for six months. In the mean time I have had cystoscopies every three months checking for any more cancer. There has been no cancer but the site has still not healed inside. A

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