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Have my 5th BCG tomarrow.  Treatments have gotten a little more difficult in some ways.  I have been feeling ill, 3rd treatment about day and a half, flu like symptoms but minor pain when urinating. 4th treatment flu symptoms lasted until Saturday and had tinge of blood the first 3 times urinating after treatment also have started feeling very tired.

Talked to doc, said blood probably from minor cath trama and flu symptoms are side effect and may be increasing due to build up of BCG.

I will be glad when this is over. Basically doing okay and after treatment side effects subside I feel

well, here i am again. have muscle invasive high grade 3/3-which surgery i guess would have been the only way to save me. have copd-severe emphysema , and NOW i find out i have severe aorta stenosis !! i am at a SUPER high risk of not making it thru the surgery. on jan 7, the anesthesioligist wouldn't put me under because of severe airway obstruction, and wanted a stress echo test to see if they could. every time i go to a dr.,( the stress echo was done by a cardioligist ) i have something else severely wrong. i am only 54, i'm not ready to die yet!!! i don't even feel sick with the cancer

Indiana Pouch vs. Neobladder for Women

Posted by: Natalie in Untagged  on

Two daysago, I was diagnosed with extensively invasive high grade urothelial carcinoma with deep muscle invasion.  I am a 49 year old female.  I will be going to the University of Chicago Hospital on Tuesday for a second opinion.  From everything I have read and the local urologist's recommendation, I will need to have my bladder removed.  When first researching, the neobladder seemed like the best choice.  The more I have researched, the more I seem to read about the neobladder not working as well for women (leaking, incontinence).  I would really appreciate any personal expereinces any of

Thanks Whitlo -

Posted by: dunkem37 in Untagged  on

Thanks whitlo -

I have full intentions of following the plan which is after this retrograde surgery, if all is well, drop back to in office cystoscopes once every 4 months for a year and then once every 6 months, etc.  if things remain clear.  Good luck to

can anyone tell me?

Posted by: ladytruckinfree in Untagged  on

i have high grade 3/3 muscle invasive bladder cancer with other cancer in situ in my bladder , and a lymph coming up in my left groin area. i really would like some very honest answers if anyone knows if i go ahead and have rc surgery- i have read about people having the surgery and still die within the year- what are my chances of living longer with the surgery? am i just going to go thru all that , just to buy myself a little bit of agonizing time? i believe that when they cut you open , the oxygen gets to the cancer, and it spreads faster- is this true? please help and answer me, i believe

Thanks, Pat....follow-up one year past iinitial surgery

Posted by: dunkem37 in Untagged  on

Thanks Pat, for your reassurance that I am being treated as aggressively as possible given my Ta, non-invasive diagnosis.  I believe my uro will do a retrograde pyelogram during this second cysto under anesthesia (due to the location of the initial tumor) to also make certain there is nothing else to be concerned about prior to dropping back to cystos every 4 months.  So......

Also, I am in a city with extremely good medical establishments and cancer centers, so I feel comfortable.  Again, thanks for assisting with the paranoia.  I will keep you posted if anything else develops or if I need

Abby blog

Posted by: glewis in Untagged  on

My name is Abbby and I am 73 yrs old. I have been diagnosed with bladder cancer and ; after treatment,surgeries,and 3 months of Chemo ; my last CT scan showed no cancer. Even though Im clean, my doctors  are now majorly recommending precautionary removal of my bladder , instead of further Chemo and radiation , because of the fact that my intestines are  in the way of the full radiation needed for proper doseage.  I now have major apprehensions about the surgery and would like to hear from someone out there whom  has gone through this situation and can give me some advise/help/etc. My E-mail

Follow up - should I be concerned at one year mark?

Posted by: dunkem37 in Untagged  on

I am new to this website as I found it recently while reviewing the past year.  In Jan. 09 I was diagnosed with bladder cancer via cystoscopy after blood in my urine.  I had surgery in early February TURB with stent into left urethra due to location.  Have had clean cystoscopies at 3 month intervals for the past year and am having another surgical procedure to check the urethra and into the kidney as a precaustion to be sure there are no new tumors.  My initial grading was Ta non-invasive pappillary tumor.  Should I be expecting or asking for a chemical treatment at the same time to prevent

Don't know what to do about RC surgery

Posted by: ladytruckinfree in Untagged  on

well i see a cardioligist wednesday . the dr. is seeing if my body can take the length of RC surgery. i have been debating going thru with it now, since the anethesioligist wouldn't put me under last thursday. that was pretty tramatic in itself- 1  1/2 hr prep and IV in place, then get sent home. the stoma nurse had marked the spot with a razor the day before. i went to my family dr. today to try to get a PET scan , so i could make a better decison about going thru with surgery- or not. the past week, a lymph node is swollen in my groin area, and i don't have any infections. i wanted the PET

Results today

Posted by: Maz in Untagged  on


Had my results today  Ta2. I will have the stent removed on Friday by local anasthetic + inspection of urinary tract to ensure nothing untoward lurking. The following week will have CT scan, not sure if will have  Mitomycin at this stage. Still sort of leaves you a bit in limbo but a good result, I

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