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Jenifer's Blog
I am a 52 year old female. Diagnosed in March 2011 with Ta Grade 1 - superficial bladder cancer. Received 2 consecutive treatments (6 wks each) of BCG. At a crossroads. Last biopsy changed from Ta to carcinoma in situ. I am in the throws of finding opinions and information, weighing the odds of another intravesical therapy or cystectomy.

Other than that, I have lead a healthy lifestyle. Very active, biking, running, golf and strength training. A vegetarian for 19 years. I love to create art, music and enjoy helping others.

I am happily married to an extremely supported partner and we have two young adult daughters.

I'm new to the Bladder Cancer WebCafe but I have been reading many blogs and infromation from it since my diagnosis in March 2011. A great site!

I'm a 52 year old female in great health and very active. I had been diagnosed with Ta Grade 1 and  immediately started BCG. After the second biopsy the result was the same. The first biopsy the doctor had taken from 2 areas, the second biopsy from three areas. The malignancy showed up in one new area of the three. As soon as I could, I started the second treatment of BCG. 

This last biopsy had 4 areas removed. One area showed a malignancy but this one

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