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Dad just diagnoised with Bladder Cancer

Posted by: Tcarnagie in Untagged  on

On 9/13 my father (60) was just diagnoised with bladder cancer.  He has had blood in his urine off and on for over a year.  Of course the Dr that he went to told him it was just a UTI and gave him meds for it.  Last month he was in severe pain and the bleeding was worse.  We took him to the ER and they put a cath in and sent him home.  Later that day the cath clogged and he had to go back to the ER where they put in a bigger one to pass the clots and made an appointment for us with the Urologist for the next day.  Urologist gave him some more meds and said come back in 2 weeks.  Went back and

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