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Keeping the Faith!

Posted by: acorte in Untagged  on

Had another clean Cysto today :).  Has been over a year without a trace of the cancer.  Will start a final maintenance session (3 treatments) of BCG in the next three weeks.  If interested in details on my story, see my first post on November 9, 2010.  Keep the faith!

An Update

Posted by: acorte in Untagged  on

Has been some time since I posted on my progress so here goes.

 Had a second TURBT on December 14, 2010 which resulted in negative for cancer regrowth.  Began a 6 week BCG Treatment regiment in January 2011 during which I continued with a full work schedule and attempted to exercise as much as possible.  I did have fatigue and headaches during the first 48 hours after each treatment and my motivation level was lower.  Otherwise I felt OK (not great).  Was not until a week to ten days after the last treatment that I realized how much the treatments did affect my overall physical (and mental)

Newly Diagnosed

Posted by: acorte in Untagged  on

My name is Tony and I live in Chicago.  I am 56, good health and physically active, non smoker or drinker. 

My symptoms are similar to others I have read in the blogs ... blood in urine, no associated pain or discomfort,  CT Scan indicating a mass, and a look see with biopsy and removal of the tumor. 

 Found out last Tuesday (November 2, 2010)  that the tumor was a larger T1 highly aggressive variety.   In 5 weeks will have another look see with biopsy/removal of any visible regrowth or biopsy of area.  Immunotherapy for 6 weeks to begin shortly thereafter.  Another 6 weeks off followed by

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