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Good bye

Posted by: avsfreak in Untagged  on

My husband lost his battle with bladder cancer on 8-24-2011, I miss him so much but know that he is not in pain and is not suffering. God will take of you in heaven Rick

Some times you think you are in the clear

Posted by: avsfreak in Untagged  on

Not sure where to start or what I really want to say , so as they say begin at start of what is now my husbands story . My husband is 46 and was first diagnosed with bladder cancer in March of this year. We then had his bladder removed  on April 18th where the doctor removed 18 lymph nodes with no sign of mets. When we first got home he complained that his back hurt but blamed it on the new way he was sleeping. Finally in July he went to see his urologist for a check because of the pain. I should tell you my husband just turned 46 July 15th . So on July 19th we were told that his cancer had

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