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Hi, my Name is Wendy and I am 51 years old. In April and September 2010 I presented with gross hermaturia. Went to my GP (general practioner) and after a urine test she prescribed an antibiotic for a UTI. After 2 days on both occasions the bleeding stopped. Then in February 2011 it started again. My GP again tested for an infection, gave me an antibiotic. After 7 days the appearance of blood had not subsided and my GP referred me to a Urologist.

I went to see the urologist and he suggested that I be booked into hospital as he would need to perform a cystoscopy and wanted me to have an IVP

Well my 5th treatment had to be cancelled due to an infection detected when they did the urine test. Am on an anti-biotic but still not feeling good.  I had not been feeling good since my 4th treatment but assumed it was just side effects.

I was very disappointed as I am looking forward to getting this done.  Oh well, I will take my medicine and hope it takes care of the infection and then get on with

Hello! I'm new to this blog but not new to this disease.  My dad, 77, had an RC in August 2007 and a good candidate for a Neobladder.  His cancer was a T2 that had not gone beyond the muscle into other areas.  The surgery was a success and he recovered nicely after his stay of almost 2 weeks in ICU.  His home care was good too and soon he was pretty continent during the day with only small accidents during the night (this is because he refuses to use a pad or depends out of pure stubborness and male ego)!  He was NOT instructed to continue the self-cath after about 3 months when his test


My husband had neobladder surgery June 15. All was going well until an infection July 16. He was admitted back to the hospital for 4 days, he still had the malacot tube. He was voiding on schedule (only 20 to 50 cc from the tube after voiding normally) and didn't seem to have a problem. When he had the infection they told him to use the bag for the first week to keep the bladder as empty as possible and restart voiding normally and finish emptying with the malacot the second week. This is when he noticed that voiding normally wasn't going as well as before. He either urinated very little or

Where to start? 2004-2005

Periodic slight bleeding and soreness of the lower abdominal region started just a couple of months after hurricanes Charley, Francis and Jean blew over our home here in central Florida. Although we suffered minimal wind damage the rain came in around the windows as if we had left them open. This started the refurnishing and remodeling project and contributed to my delaying seeing a doctor. Prior to this I had not seen a doctor in some thirty odd years except for pre-hire examinations. So assuming I knew best everything was blamed on what I preferred to think of as a

Hello everyone - My mom who's 48 yrs. old was diagnosed with Urinary Bladder Cancer last Friday. We found out that the tumors have invaded the bladder wall and was told by our urologist that my mom's bladder will have to be removed. Since then she has been referred by our Urologist to another Urologist in UCLA who specializes in performing Neobladder surgery. After speaking with this specialist, my mother was give 2 options: 1) to perform chemo and radiation therapy, since the tumors were all contained in the bladder, and try to shrink the tumors to a size where it's possible to be removed.

Dad had r/c on the 2nd of april, Operation went really well, it took a bit longer than they orig said as they decided to also take the urethra or water pipe as Dr put it, he also had to have his left urita cut down further as the cancer had advanced into it.
So he had bladder, prostate, urethra, lymp nodes (not sure how many) & a large section of left urita taken out, which they cut & sent of to path whilst he was under, news came came back still cancer, cut again, sent off, still cancer, cut more sent off, clear.
Dad seemed to recover quite well, apart from some blood pressure issues & being

Susan - delayed diagnosis
A volunteer at my church helped me find WebCafe and its forum. My bladder cancer has spread to my liver and lungs, maybe a bone. i was supposed to have a radical cystectomy this month (Dec. '07), but we cancelled it after the MRIi report. Now, I'm getting chemotherapy (taxol and genzar). MVAC didn't work for me. Radiation did shrink my primary tumor.

I am told my case is "difficult" because of the late stage of discovery/tur/diagnosis (Stage 3, fat invasive) the sarcomatoid variant, and now the spreading. I know it is difficult -- I just want to be seen as important

It's been almost one year since I added to this post so I decided I would continue the story here.  First off, I have had several 3 scans since surgery and so far so good!

In other posts I talk about hypercontinence or the in-ability to urinate.  This is one of those issues that a few will encounter and of course... I had to be one.  Following surgery I was doing OK training myself to void and hold but I also experienced several UTI's (urinary tract infections).  These were horrible because you feel miserable for a few days and sweat with fever the whole time.  Finally my Uro asked me to cath

Part IV

My urologist returned in January. He was unaware of what had happened until I spoke to him. His response was that he was not concerned about the stricture. "The important thing was to be sure that there was no cancer." I fully understood his focus on the cancer but was unhappy that that focus appeared to be distracting him from dealing with a problem that made me miserable and which I wanted to be sure would not recur. I answered, "I'm glad you're not worried about the stricture, but I am!" He assured me that he would treat the stricture with laser at the next cystoscopy. A urine

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