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Hi, my Name is Wendy and I am 51 years old. In April and September 2010 I presented with gross hermaturia. Went to my GP (general practioner) and after a urine test she prescribed an antibiotic for a UTI. After 2 days on both occasions the bleeding stopped. Then in February 2011 it started again. My GP again tested for an infection, gave me an antibiotic. After 7 days the appearance of blood had not subsided and my GP referred me to a Urologist.

I went to see the urologist and he suggested that I be booked into hospital as he would need to perform a cystoscopy and wanted me to have an IVP

Muscle invasive TCC grade II-III/III with CIS T2N0M0

I was diagnosed with muscle invasive TCC in February 1995 after seeing a small amount of blood in my urine. I was 45 years old at the time. My urologist referred me to a Dr. Sagalowsky at the University of Texas Southwest Medical Center in Dallas, Texas. After several tests and additional biopsies we decided to do a RC with neobladder construction. My surgery was on 4/7/1995 and the final report was T2N0M0 grade II-III/III TCC. Recovery went well and I was back at work in 60 days after returning home. My neobladder has been very good and at

At our family Christmas gathering, we all gave small speeches. This was mine and looked at the positives of my cancer experience.


I am going to relate to you all tonight something about my cancer experience. Experience can be defined as the accumulation of knowledge that results from direct participation in events or activities. Well, I have definitely been a direct participant in this. But what have I learnt? What has cancer taught me?

Firstly, our lives are incredibly fragile. Even though our bodies are resilient and have astonishing powers of healing, none of us knows how long or how

I am a 43 year old male recently diagnosed with Transitional Cell Carcinmoa of the Renal Pelvis and Carcinoma in-situ of the upper ureter. I have just had the results of my first cystoscopy three months after my radical nephrectomy - they were clear. The surgery was on the 21st of April. Over the last five weeks, I have had adjuvant chemotherapy (carbo) and radiation treatment of the kidney bed to prevent seeding. I was wondering if anyone else has had a similar treatment and what your experiences of it are. In three months time, I will have to have a sonar of my kidney bed. I see that the 5

Treatment #4 went ok last week. The doctor says they will get worse but I really have not had real problems. Usually the day after I am sore in the abdomen and get worn out by days end. the next day is better. I get a case of the chills one or two evenings after each teatment. I grab a quilt or blanket to wrap up in for a while until I get warmed up. Other than that...no big problems. Treatment #5...bring it on.

I met with the Nephrologist last week before I went for the BCG treatment. He says it looks like I have Stage II kidney failure most likely from the diabetes. Even though my diabetes

Second BCG Down

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I had my second BCG treatment this past Wednesday. The doctor said the chills I experienced a couple different times were most likely due to the BCG. I have not had any chills this time but some very slight nauseau. Who knows why? I am still very tired and get winded with the least exertion. I am sure this is from the anemia. I saw a nephrologist last monday. He believes my kidney damage is more like stage I or maybe stage II. I am to have some additional labs doen for him on Monday this week. and perhaps he can give me something that will fortify my blood. I really am tired of being

I am 54 years old and my name is Earl (Big Earl). I have been cancer free for eight years but it is trying to make a comeback. I will be having my first BCG treatment tomorrow morning. I had six weeks of Doxorubicin eight years ago and we decided since then that if/when it came back we would do BCG. I am hoping it goes well. I had biopsies just three weeks ago as well as a retrograde pyelogram. The kidneys are clear though I evidently have damage due to diabetes. It looks like stage three chronic renal failure.  Oh well! It's always something,

 I am a 53 year old female. Very healthy and very fit. I was diagnosed with upper tract bladder cancer in late March 2007 and had a nephrouterectomy a few weeks later in mid-April 2007. The kidney mass was 6 cm, Grade III, with some spread into the adjacent uterter. I was "all-clear" until my one year check-up, when "spots" were discovered in my bladder. Since then I have had an office visit procedure at 15 months with a cysto/fulgration/electrocautery with two small tumors removed, and an outpatient surgery at 18 months with a cysto/fulgration/laser with two more apparently larger tumors


My name is Susan, i'm 50 yrs old.

6 months ago I had a Neurourectomy following that 6 wks ago I had my first Turb. The result of this was they removed another 17 tiny tumors.

Next wk I am starting a 6 week course of BCG. I have researched as much as the next person on my diagnosis but I have yet to meet anyone who has been diagnosed with something similar, and would appreciate any comments or advice as I am (to be brutally honest) absolutely terrified!


Hello all -- My husband and I went to see my medical oncologist today.
As I gathered from reading the CT scan report, there appears to be many
lesions in my liver and nodules in my lungs. One of each are pathologcial
size. Due to some issues with comparability with past imaging, it is hard
to see if my disease is basically stable or progressing. The Dr. said
that it is quite a bit of disease, though, and concurred with my going
for a consultation over at M.D. Anderson in Houston and he is setting
that up. Neither of the two chemotherapy regimens I've had shrunk the
bladder tumor or mets (MVAC

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