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I'm new to the Bladder Cancer WebCafe but I have been reading many blogs and infromation from it since my diagnosis in March 2011. A great site!

I'm a 52 year old female in great health and very active. I had been diagnosed with Ta Grade 1 and  immediately started BCG. After the second biopsy the result was the same. The first biopsy the doctor had taken from 2 areas, the second biopsy from three areas. The malignancy showed up in one new area of the three. As soon as I could, I started the second treatment of BCG. 

This last biopsy had 4 areas removed. One area showed a malignancy but this one

Muscle invasive TCC grade II-III/III with CIS T2N0M0

I was diagnosed with muscle invasive TCC in February 1995 after seeing a small amount of blood in my urine. I was 45 years old at the time. My urologist referred me to a Dr. Sagalowsky at the University of Texas Southwest Medical Center in Dallas, Texas. After several tests and additional biopsies we decided to do a RC with neobladder construction. My surgery was on 4/7/1995 and the final report was T2N0M0 grade II-III/III TCC. Recovery went well and I was back at work in 60 days after returning home. My neobladder has been very good and at


I'm looking for anyone with experience of having pudendal neuralgia after RC with neobladder?  My father had his RC with Neo in 2006 and about 6 months after that surgery began to have severe burning issues in the urethra (not when urinating).  This triggered the uro to run test to determine possible cause.  In some instances he did have infection but everything else was fine (emptying completely, no leaking, etc).  He was advised to irrigate....but no change.  Many tests later, various prescriptions, etc......still severe burning, more frequently and also including the rectum/anus area

I'm a 47-year old female (non-smoker) who was diagnosed with bladder cancer in March 2010.  My pathology showed high grade papillary urothelial carcinoma with superficial invasion into the lamina propria.  I've gotten 3 opinions and my options are BCG therapy or cystectomy (neobladder).  I'm afraid to do the BCG therapy because of the the low cure rate and high return rate.  I know the cystectomy has a higher cure rate, but has a high rate of complications.  Does anyone have any advice for me?  I have 2 teenagers that need their

indiana pouch questions

Posted by: kteeth in neobladder or pouch on

I first want to thank everyone for sharing her experiences. I was excited to not be the only woman again. I had my cystectomy 3 months ago and opted for the Indiana pouch bc it seemed the most" normal" and convenient. However I'm having a lot of problems w/ catheterizing. I often can't insert and therefor can't void. This is a real problem bc my Dr. and hospital are about an hour and a half away from my home. I ended up in the emergency room this week and am back on the bag until my antibiotics are done. I seem to produce a lot of mucous and this is complicating things. and I'm now having a

Hello! I'm new to this blog but not new to this disease.  My dad, 77, had an RC in August 2007 and a good candidate for a Neobladder.  His cancer was a T2 that had not gone beyond the muscle into other areas.  The surgery was a success and he recovered nicely after his stay of almost 2 weeks in ICU.  His home care was good too and soon he was pretty continent during the day with only small accidents during the night (this is because he refuses to use a pad or depends out of pure stubborness and male ego)!  He was NOT instructed to continue the self-cath after about 3 months when his test

Have been through a year plus of bladder cancer treatment, bcg etc. I am looking to  neobladder in the next week to 6 weeks. It's now Nov. 26. have both fear of spoiling holidays, and giving cancer more time to spread?? Have had both bone cancer and lung cancer, surgeriers, chemos in the past 20 years and as you can see i am still alive and thankful! But i still have fears of the up coming surgery. Would like to hear from some post neo surgery people. Not just if you"re doingfine or not, but both the good and bad details, the big things and the little things. Time frames, steps forward, and

I have created a flow chart for bladder cancer patients.  It can pretty much be used at any time from initial concern about the potential of having bladder cancer through various stages of treatment.

 My hope is that people will find this useful.  Rather than posting it everywhere and having to try to maintain version control on a number of sites, I am putting the link to ABLCS forum where I originally posted it.

I am not a doctor but I do have a good bit of experience as a bladder cancer patient.  This guide has been reviewed by a number of other bladder cancer survivors as well.


My husband had neobladder surgery June 15. All was going well until an infection July 16. He was admitted back to the hospital for 4 days, he still had the malacot tube. He was voiding on schedule (only 20 to 50 cc from the tube after voiding normally) and didn't seem to have a problem. When he had the infection they told him to use the bag for the first week to keep the bladder as empty as possible and restart voiding normally and finish emptying with the malacot the second week. This is when he noticed that voiding normally wasn't going as well as before. He either urinated very little or

My husband was diagnosed Sept 05 with bladder cancer.  He has since had four tumor removals and is currently T1G3 + cis.  We were able to get a second opinion from Dr. Konety at UCSF.  He recommended a radical cystectomy with neo bladder diversion.   He is also recommending an immediate PET-CT which we are not clear if Health Net will authorize.  Is this usual to evaluate for this surgery?  Is this the normal path for someone who has consistently high grade tumors?  His primary urologist was surprised to find this was the recommendation from UCSF.  Are we on track or premature in considering

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