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I'm new to the Bladder Cancer WebCafe but I have been reading many blogs and infromation from it since my diagnosis in March 2011. A great site!

I'm a 52 year old female in great health and very active. I had been diagnosed with Ta Grade 1 and  immediately started BCG. After the second biopsy the result was the same. The first biopsy the doctor had taken from 2 areas, the second biopsy from three areas. The malignancy showed up in one new area of the three. As soon as I could, I started the second treatment of BCG. 

This last biopsy had 4 areas removed. One area showed a malignancy but this one



After two years of occasional haematuria (my doctor and I thought it was just bladder infections)  I finally insisted on an ultrasound.   Three tumours - one large and two small were discovered.   It was non-invasive  papillary urothelial carcinoma.  I was not expecting this.  After all, I don't fit the usual profile for bladder cancer ( I'm a 56 year old non-smoking female).  

I had a transurethral resection  in Canada almost three months ago but have since moved to Mexico where I will need to continue treatment.  My doctor here will be doing another cystoscopy in about three weeks

So, we know this cancer can be highly-survivable in most instances if it's detected early enough and quality treatment is followed.  The problem is many folks don't even know it exists.  Many folks ignore or don't get the symptoms checked out.  Some balk at the treatment options.  I don't think this is any less deadly and the statistics speak for themselves.


So, why is there not a Bladder Cancer Week or Bladder cancer Awareness week...?  I've looked and can't find anything.


Let me know

Hello everyone - My mom who's 48 yrs. old was diagnosed with Urinary Bladder Cancer last Friday. We found out that the tumors have invaded the bladder wall and was told by our urologist that my mom's bladder will have to be removed. Since then she has been referred by our Urologist to another Urologist in UCLA who specializes in performing Neobladder surgery. After speaking with this specialist, my mother was give 2 options: 1) to perform chemo and radiation therapy, since the tumors were all contained in the bladder, and try to shrink the tumors to a size where it's possible to be removed.

I had my 8.5 hour surgery on January 2nd, 2008.  Long story short: wound up with staph at incision after surgery, rehospitalized, basically lost 2 weeks of Kegel training time. However, when trying, urine and mucus constantly leaked AROUND Foley anyway, Doctor & nurses too busy for me, still practicing Kegel at home,to no avail.
I've been to almost every story board for women and BC NeoBladder and I know it takes time but I don't EVER GET a "full" or "gaseous" or "feel wind" or "bloated" or "uncomfortable" as the need arises to urinate.  I NEVER feel the urge - 5 minutes or 2 hours. but every

Susan - delayed diagnosis
A volunteer at my church helped me find WebCafe and its forum. My bladder cancer has spread to my liver and lungs, maybe a bone. i was supposed to have a radical cystectomy this month (Dec. '07), but we cancelled it after the MRIi report. Now, I'm getting chemotherapy (taxol and genzar). MVAC didn't work for me. Radiation did shrink my primary tumor.

I am told my case is "difficult" because of the late stage of discovery/tur/diagnosis (Stage 3, fat invasive) the sarcomatoid variant, and now the spreading. I know it is difficult -- I just want to be seen as important

Hi all. I was on this site, reading and posting, back in 2004, early 2005. I had my first experience with bladder cancer in June 2004.

Female, age 47 then (50 now)

Single 3 cm tumor, T1 (almost T2a, but dodged that bullet by a fortunate layer or two of cells), grade 2/3. TURBT on June 4, 2004 & quit smoking the night before surgery, haven't touched one since. Re-TURBed early July to be sure the muscle wall was not involved. No invasion of the muscle wall.

Began 6 weeks of BCG, in August 2004, but had such horrible bladder spasms and pain from it, the dose was reduced. Although I managed to make

I hope this helps someone.
I am 41.
In May I thought I had my first ever dose of cystitis I congratulated myself on never having it before and being a pharmaceutical rep instead of going to my Gp or pharmacy for treatment pinched samples from a fellow rep to treat it.It didnt work and two weeks later I went to my Gp by now I was pretty uncomfortable with symptoms of retention and bladder fullness.He gave me antibiotics and sent me away.
This seemed to work we went on holiday discussed having another baby and carried on with life.At the end of June the symptoms returned this time I had blood in

Hi Roy
I hadn't checked back here in a while either actually - been in hospital for 2 wks, been out 2 wks now and much better - all those aches and pains I mentioned before got too much and I was in agony. thank God for morphine!!! Anyway, the docs have now said that they think all these pains are due to adhesions. my mum has since told me i had them before when i was 2 1/2 and they were surgically removed... anyway, am on tramadol pretty much constantly now. good thing was i got a full mot. i had a virtual colonoscopy - they're the new ct version of a colonoscopy, far less invasive!
anyway, am

I'm sure it's possible that it's just an ovarian cyst...I've never had one to my knowledge, but understand they are relatively common and generally nothing to worry much over.  I trust my doctor and know he's very proactive, so if he was concerned, I know he would have ordered more tests.  I have a visit with him on Friday and will ask more questions about it so I can understand a bit better and ask a few more questions.

Regarding the removal of my ovary - my surgeon indicated that it is standard to remove the uterus, the ovaries, some pelvic lymph nodes and top portion of the vaginal wall

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