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A PayPal function was added to WebCafe's site mission page on March 2005. Donations are used to defray the costs of maintaining the website as well as help with travel expenses related to conferences we attend as patient advocates for bladder cancer.

My husband and I would like to thank the following people; your generous contribution will help us continue the path of extending information, resources and support for the many thousands of people whose lives are touched by bladder cancer.


Our contributors:

2005: * Susan Evans * Jonathan Frederick * Mitchell Bacharach * Thomas Hurst * Mary McGovern * Robert Meihofer * Ken Zaremba * Frances Alt * David Silverman * Jeff Stein * Elinore Klein * Linda Monette * Rosanne Sladek * Ruth Santangelo *

2006: Estil Hoversten * Sandra Harrell * Robert P. Reeves * Sylvia L. Ramsey * Neem Tree Farms * James Goldston * J.M. Warburton * Charles Richardson * Crilly Butler * Mike Mann * Julia Hickman * Audree-Annna Gada * Dan Martin * David Silverman *  Ruth Mary Pollack * Barbara A. Norkus * Jean Bowden * Tammy Linden * Paul H. * Diana Shaw * Marianne De Shazo * Cliff and Janet Dawe * Jeff and Linda Clarey * David Ebelt *

2007: Dan Martin * Barbara A. Norkus in memory of Jane Ciacio * Anonymous * Barbara A. Norkus in memory of Michael Hamilton * ganfighter * G Holmes * Paul H. * Cindy Duffy * Amy Duffy * Pat Grooms *

2008: ganfighter * Daniel Vidal * Linda and Don Bouley * ganfighter

2009: Ian Clements * Barb Norkus

Thank You!

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