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My handsome David died in his sleep early in the morning of October 12th, 2006.  I was right beside him, in our own home. I took this picture in the summer of 2005 when you were requesting photos of "living with bladder cancer".  He was pruning the cotoneaster on the wall of our garage.  I didn't send it because life was going well and ....because I didn't......  As soon as I send this email I will be leaving the cafe list.  Damn, you have been the steel in my spine throughout this passage. Never have I known people so caring and so kind. People I have never met and never will - Lester, what a piece of work! - have enriched my life, as they did Dave's. I've got you saved in my "Favourites" and expect to check in once in a while to see that everyone is doing ok. Thank you Wendy, for this marvelous resource. Thank you to the members for their help (what a pale word that is - you made our journey so less uncomfortable)
Be strong.


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