Cytology Results

I got the results back of my cytology and the urine has some abnormal cells, although the oncologist says that these are single cells, the count is low and thus it doesn't necessarily mean a tumour. I must have another cytology next week to see if the count is increasing, which would tend to indicate a tumour. I am only scheduled for my next cystoscope at the end of March but I think I will wait to see for the results of the cytology and if there is an increase in count, I must surely go for another cystoscope. But, as far as I know, carcinoma in situ is difficult to pick up with cystoscopy and cis is what I had in my ureter. So, I will just have to wait until next week and see!

John Tarboton

43 year old male, diagnosed March 2009, TCC renal pelvis (3.5cm) and upper ureter (cis), T2N0M0, G3, rad neph April 2009, followed by adjuvant carbosin, decasone, zofran and radiation of kidney bed.

NED to date. 



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