Dad just diagnoised with Bladder Cancer

On 9/13 my father (60) was just diagnoised with bladder cancer.  He has had blood in his urine off and on for over a year.  Of course the Dr that he went to told him it was just a UTI and gave him meds for it.  Last month he was in severe pain and the bleeding was worse.  We took him to the ER and they put a cath in and sent him home.  Later that day the cath clogged and he had to go back to the ER where they put in a bigger one to pass the clots and made an appointment for us with the Urologist for the next day.  Urologist gave him some more meds and said come back in 2 weeks.  Went back and since there was still alot of bleeding gave him more antibiotics and said come back again in 2 weeks for a cystoscopy.  Went in on friday of last week.  Too much bleeding and they could not get the scope in so they were going to schedule it to be done in surgery.  Saturday he could not pee anymore and was in great pain so back to the ER we went.  They admitted him and put in another cath but had a hard time keeping it flowing with all the clots.  On Monday, he was transfered to the hospital where his Urologist was and they scheduled his procedure for Tuesday morning.   Surgeon came out and said he found a tumor on his bladder.  Said he did not remove it because it was "huge".  I asked if he felt it was cancer and he said "Prepare for the worst…..we have a lot of work to do now."  We will find out the results of the Pathology on Wednesday 9/21.  We was also told that he did remove some of the tumor but there was still alot more.  He said he removed what he "safely could."  I asked if he felt it had spread and he said he was not sure and hoped it hadn't.

I am new to bladder cancer and have been trying to find out as much info as I can.  From what he has said I feel we are in a stage 3 or 4 based on the info that I have found.  Guess we will know for sure when the pathology comes back.  With being new to this world any advice, suggestions, links, or info that you can give would be a great help for us.  I just don't know where to go or what to do next and I just can't sit here and do nothing but wait.  I feel being armed with info would make his outcome more productive and less of a waiting game if I knew what to ask and check into while I can.  My goal is to see me dad survive this and if that is not possible to make what time he might have left the best I can.

 Thanks!  Tammie


Tammie Author