My bout with cancer started with cervical cancer at 37. 2 years later it was back in the bladder cuff . I had treatments but a year later it was in my bladder. So they removed my bladder gave me an ileal conduit, took out some intestines that the tumor was leaning against and 3/4 of my vigina and rebuilt it from my intestines. After all that – and a lot of hard work – I’m doing fine. It’s been twenty years.

I do have a problem with kidney infections, I had a bout last march. I really should say all of last year was constant infections till I switched doctors and the new one put a stent* in for 2 months and since then I’ve been doing well. I go every 3 months for a renal ultra sound to make sure the scar tissue that caused the blockage that led to the infections don’t come back.

Back at the gym working hard, taking pro-biotics to help my immune system. I hope I can be of some help . Diane

*Stent: In case of an obstruction (blockage) of the kidney, an internal drainage tube called a ‘stent’ may be placed in the ureter, between the kidney and the bladder. This is placed there in order to temporarily relieve the obstruction.