Don’t know what to do about RC surgery

well i see a cardioligist wednesday . the dr. is seeing if my body can take the length of RC surgery. i have been debating going thru with it now, since the anethesioligist wouldn't put me under last thursday. that was pretty tramatic in itself- 1  1/2 hr prep and IV in place, then get sent home. the stoma nurse had marked the spot with a razor the day before. i went to my family dr. today to try to get a PET scan , so i could make a better decison about going thru with surgery- or not. the past week, a lymph node is swollen in my groin area, and i don't have any infections. i wanted the PET scan to see if the cancer had spread. the dr. said he couldn't order the test- i think because i'm on medicare. NOW what do i do? go thru with surgery? what other options do i have?i am a 54 yr. old female-  I have a t-2 – t3 muscle invasive bladder cancer, copd-severe emphysema with acute airway obstruction, a slight enlargement right side of heart due to the emphysema. the dr. gave me a year without surgery, and said chemo is not a good option for me. do i have surgery in a couple weeks, if the cardiologist clears me and maybe die on the table- or do i do something else and make sure i have quality of life and at least a year?

Linda Troxell Author