Lea's Bladder Cancer Journal
What Living Looks Like

Recently I was looking at pictures taken since my diagnoses and it hit me, this is not a person dying of cancer, but a person living with cancer. How great it would be to show others pictures of people living and enjoying their lives, in spite of cancer. So, I enlisted my friends from the Bladder Cancer WebCafe to send me pictures of them, making the most out of what they have been given in life, in spite of a diagnoses of cancer. Not everyone in these pictures has bladder cancer, some have other types of cancer, and not everyone is the same stage, nor does it matter. I hope these pictures remind you that life doesnt end with a cancer diagnoses and that they bring you as much encouragement as they have to me. I am honored and humbled that these folks have let me share part of their lives with them and they are all heroes in my book.

This is Crilly Butler with his wife Takami and their son, Nick. Crilly is a Bladder Cancer survivor.


Here is Colleen Sinard holding her granddaughter, Hannah.  Colleen is a Bladder Cancer Survivor.


Barbara, Maureen, Wendy and Kathy pose for a group picture.  Barbara, Maureen and Kathy are all Bladder Cancer Survivors. Wendy is a Breast Cancer Survivor.


Here is Barbara Schad and her family at daughter Kris's wedding.  Barbara is a Bladder Cancer Survivor.


Penny France holding her granddaughter.  Penny is a Bladder Cancer Survivor.


Kathy Leslie just horsing around! Kathy is a Bladder Cancer Survivor.


Ed Wrzsein enjoying the day with his family.  Ed is a Bladder Cancer Survivor.


Ben Olsen catching a wave!
Below, Ben, Roni and family.
Ben Olsen is a Bladder Cancer Survivor.


Kathy Knight at a Christmas Party. Kathy is a long term survivor of Malignant Melanoma, a Brain Tumor and Bladder Cancer!


Mike and Rosanne Sladek with doggies celebrating Mike's birthday. Captain Mike is a Bladder Cancer Survivor.


Wendy Sheridan cuddeling with her kitty.  Wendy is a Breast Cancer Survivor.


Manley and Phyllis Kjonaas celebrating 60 years of marriage!  Manley is a Bladder Cancer Survivor.


Bill Lanius relaxing at home.  Bill is a Bladder Cancer Survivor.


Mike and Lorraine Feit cuddeling together on the couch.  Mike is a Survivor of Neck and Head Cancer. 
It is with great sadness that I report that Lorraine passed away on December 2, 2002 of Bladder Cancer.


Doug and LaNette Schlepp enjoying being together on a beautiful day!  Lynette is a Bladder Cancer Survivor.


Here is Patti Savakinas with her good friend Sandi Hamlin. Below is a picture of Patti's Son.  Patti is a Bladder Cancer Survivor and Sandi is an Ovarian Cancer Survivor.


Jane and Bill Foster.  Jane is a Bladder Cancer and Renal Cancer Survivor!


Here is Lester Zimmermann and his friend taming the bull!  Lester is a Bladder Cancer Survivor.


This is Mike Mann enjoying a day of kayaking!  Mike is a Bladder Cancer Survivor.


This is Karen Greene smiling pretty for the camera!  Karen is a Bladder Cancer Survivor.


Here is Wendy Rodden snuggeling to her grandson.  Wendy is a Bladder Cancer Survivor.


This is Captain Steve Cawthon on the job.  Capt. Steve is a Bladder Cancer Survivor.


This is Sue Fitzpatrick enjoying a beautiful winter day!  Sue is a Cervical Cancer Survivor.