Just had the best day

Just to show things can be normal I have just had a fantastic day.
Its snowed like mad here and the children were all off school.I was supposed to go to a Spa that specialises in treatments and therapies for cancer patients and had to cancel due to the weather I had been looking forward to it so was disappointed.
I am so glad I did instead of a day centering on me and this disease I ‘ve had a ball.We got the sledges out and took them to the field over the lane which has a good slope on it.I spent all morning whizzing up and down the field with the children my friend came out with her three boys.We built a snowman and an igloo then all went to her house for soup and rolls at lunch time.
Then it was outside for more sledging and a street snowball fight and I can honestly say I never thought about being ill once.I just feel so alive and fantastic.
I just felt I must post so all those who are worried about starting treatment and the effect it will have can see that it neednt be too bad.I am only one month post chemotherapy and 5 months post surgery.Its not easy but life can be so fantastic still.The big hurdle will be later we have friends coming round to go in the hot tub I havent worn a swimsuit since surgery but it will be cool.Six months ago it would have been a string bikini things have changed but lifes still good.
 Sending everyone snowy wishes  Claire

clur Author