Large (8cm),High grade(III) Invasive Bladder Tumor

Large (8cm),High grade(III) Invasive Bladder Tumor. Cystectomy 5/5/03. f/u chemo scheduled 6/18/03

Rick saw his GP in Feb. after a couple weeks of cloudy, foul-smelling urine. After 3 weeks, was referred to a urologist, who ordered CT, ultrasound, and finally cystoscopy. Office custoscopy revealed strictures, and resulted in inability to void. ER visit involved cystoscopy under general anesthesia. “Bulky” tumor was seen on CT an cystoscopy, biopsy showed high grade pathology. 4/8: 2nd opinion at Stanford, where Dr. Presti recommended radical cystectomy w/ ileal conduit. Neobladder not indicated due to strictures. Internal pouches seem awfully “high maintenence”. 5/5/03: Radical cystectomy produced tumor “about the size of a softball” and suspicious lymph nodes (one of two resected was postive). We are now awaiting 4 cycles of chemo (Cisplatin and Gemzar(sp?)), to begin 6/18/03. Just trying to get his weight/strength up. He’s lost his appetite and alot of weight. This board has been a Godsend for me, the “caregiver”/info seeker. Thank you all!!!

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