Looking for information and help

I was diagnosed with bladder cancer July 22, 2008 & had a TURBT on July 25,2008.  It was superficial and the pathology report showed it to be high grade. Approximately 4 weeks later after my bladder had time to heal I had my first round of BCG treatments. No problems with adverse reactions to the BCG other than feeling a little tired and of course the frequent trips to the restroom.  My Urologist did a cystoscopy about 4 to 6 weeks after the BCG treatments and said things looked good.  3 month check-up after that he said that there appeared to be inflammation, took a biopsy and if I remeber right also did a cytology too, both came back negative for signs of cancer. I just had a cystoscopy 01/28/2010 and he took a biopsy but told my wife that there was inflamation and he doesn't like the looks of it, and mentioned the possibility of having to remove my bladder. All the cystoscopes I have had he has seen inflamation and told me the same as what he told my wife. Other than the intial biposy back on 07/25/2008, all other biopsies and the 2 cytology tests he has performed all came back negative.

Has anyone experienced this? It doesn't make any sense to me why he has mentioned bladder removal if no signs of cancer have shown up. Could weight gain and needing to get into shape cause this inflammation?  I use to smoke for almost 30 years but when he told me I had cancer I threw my cigarettes away in his office and never smoked again. Since then I have gained about 60 pounds.

I'm hoping someone has experienced what I have and might be able to give me some answers.



Tim Author