Michael Anthony Hamilton

9/4/1970  –   3/27/2007Michael and his daughter

From Michael’s mom……. Michael began his valiant fight against bladder cancer, the summer of 2003, after having been misdiagnosed for over a year with a urinary tract infection.  Many of you followed his story, once I discovered the Bladder Cancer Web Café.  Michael was a very proud young man, but only once or twice searched the site.  However, as a mother, I wanted to find any, and every, resource to help him fight his battle.  After postponing the inevitable, perhaps too long, Michael had a neobladder performed at Vanderbilt University Hospital, in the summer of 2005.   At that point, the cancer had spread into several of the lymph nodes, and Michael began chemotherapy.   Things went well, for a while, with the cancer in remission; and he maintained a good lifestyle, with the neobladder working very well.  Looking back, I feel that “had he only” chosen to have his bladder removed long before then, and chosen one of the other options, Michael might still be with us.  However, once more, I reiterate, he was a very proud young man, and had dreams of marriage and children.  And, according to his guy-friends, my son was quite the rounder and romantic! 
On December 26, 2006, the cancer returned with a vengeance.  The pain became unbearable, with the cancer having spread to his liver and pelvic bone.  At that point, I took a leave-of-absence, from a 100% commissioned job, and became Michael’s primary care giver, moving into his home.  Being divorced, from his father, for over 20 years, and still single, I was able to do this.  The middle of February, his father and wife (of 20 years), and their daughter, moved into the home.  Now, some would say this would never work, but we, all, became a team, surrounding Michael with love and care for the next 45 days.  During that time, Hospice came in, but Michael only knew of them as a special Home Health Service that I had contracted.  What a group of angels there were! 

During those 45 days, we were so blessed to have time with Michael.  We talked, laughed, with multitudes of visiting friends and family, and found out much about Michael’s adult life that most mothers would not have wanted to know! And, Michael held my hand, and his dad’s, and told us how much he loved us. 

At 6:00, the morning of March 27, 2007, Michael, peacefully, passed away, in my arms.  And, just as I had done with my youngest son, who died from an auto accident in 2003, I held them when they were born, and held them, both, when they took their last breath.  I am, truly, blessed for having had those moments!  God gave me, not only, two beautiful and bright children, but a Faith that has, miraculously, remained intact.  God bless all of you for your prayers over the years, and my prayers continue for a cure to this vicious, unforgiving disease.  

Janice Roberts, “Mother of Michael”.