More post BCG stuff. Called the Dr’s office…

So…..last Saturday was 2 1/2 weeks post BCG (all 6 complete).  I really wanted to get the whole place mowed, but hadn't done more than an hour or so on the tractor since before my TURB in January.

 My wife did the majority of the push mowing and I only did a little here and there.  She did the majority of the rider mower while I only went around edges on the steeper parts (we have 5 acres out in the sticks).  I took the blade off the big tractor and put on the bucket to move a little dirt.  Got 4 loads put up by the house for the boys to play in.

 (note) the boys went to play in it and our Great  Dane mix had not noticed it yet.  When he saw it he went to town digging furiously in the loose, moist dirt for about 15 minutes.  Exhausted, he laid down in a nice hole he'd created in the soft soil.  It was hilarious watching this monster dog (he's mostly white) digging with all 4 legs moving a tremendous amount of earth.  Good fun.


Anyway, I got the bucket off and hooked up the bush hog (brush mower we use on the 'field' areas).  Got situated and took off mowing the stuff on the west side of the driveway.  I was on there for about 70 minutes or so (mowing) and was getting pretty tired and was having some pain in the bladder area.  I got off the tractor and worked on my son's HO train layout and some other little stuff around the garage.  About 2 hours later I am feeling pretty good so I got back on the tractor to mow the east side of the drive.  Now our yard is not smooth or level or anything resembling a lawn.   It's nicely cut field.  You get bounced pretty good.

 The tractor blew out a steering line and I had to stop about 10 minutes from being done.  When I got off the tractor I noticed I was having some pretty good cramps.  By the time I got in the house I was having spasms.  Went up to take a shower and the spasms wewre as bad as what I had post-Turb.  I hadn't hurt that bad since being in the hospital.  One good thing… blood.

 Called the Dr's office about it.  They called me back yesterday after office hours (that's nice) to talk about it.  Basically I am to take it easy for a few days.  Since this is the most I've done (like this) since Turb and BCG the thinking is that I over did it and should have stayed off the tractor once I got off the first time.  I was much better the next day and yesterday barely had pain at all.  They told me if it happens again I need to call again and request to see the Dr.  This kind of thing should be subsiding soon so I can get back to regular life…..whatever that means after you've been diagnosed with and are dealing with cancer.

 The weekend's experience has made me more tired again and undone some of the progress I was making.  My wife has told me I am not mowing again.  I guess that would make most husbands happy, but it makes me feel useless and weak.

 So….I'll be careful and we'll keep monitoring.  I'll ratchet up my activity in smaller doses now.  I'll try to be a good patientit's just that I am just running out of patience with being a patient.

 Thank you all for the support.  I'd like to work on my car as it badly needs stuff done.  My wife's truck needs work.  I want to work on my father in-law's race car and I'm supposed to work on my old truck to fix up as a daily-driver.  I've got a sidewalk to finish and all sorts of little stuff I'd like to do and am not getting done.  I'd like to at least go watch a race or go to a car show or something.


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