Hello, I have been reading your blogs for about a month now. We have found out my husband has bladder cancer. Urologist removed the tumors and pathology did  not turn out as we hoped.  He said is has to come out.  Sent us to Oncologist said the same thing. We opted for a second opinion and went to the University of Chicago yesterday. They want to do Chemo first M,vac starting maybe late next week then will do surgery.  My husband really does not want his bladder removed is there anyone who has T2 and has opted for something else maybe just Chemo etc with any good results? I have a feeling the anwer to what I just asked will be no. So for those of you who have gone through Mvac I would like to hear how bad it is and how I can possibly help him going through all this.  Would  like to hear  what others opted for RC surgery, how long before back to everyday things like work. I did read a few blogs from tinytown7 who had Neo done at University of Chicago.  Would like to hear how things are going. 

eileen Author